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As a certified practitioner of Urban Tantra® I mix breath & energy bodywork with astrological archetypes. Astro-Erotics is a creative, artistic approach to the erotic archetypes of desire & pleasure through an astrological perspective, accessing them experientially, and working with them magically.

Each person has their own erotic presence & style, which is not limited to “Sex” but involves how they relate with care, reverence & adoration to the world around them. This extends to intimate relationships but begins on a foundation of qualities that transcend the conventional categories & identity markers for gender & sex. In this five-part course we will explore how the energies conveyed through your natal chart reflect how you fall in love with the world around you and how you can embody these qualities consciously.  We will explore how the astrological archetypes live in breath & energy exercises, and how articulating their mythical landscapes helps us articulate & embody our own styles of sensuality. How can you see the world with reverence, as if revering a being that you love, in a way that’s true to your personal genius & deepest powers?

Course details: 5 sessions live on Zoom and recorded: Mondays March 21st, March 28th, April 4th, April 11th, April 18th. 7:00PM-9:00PM EST






In this course, learn to understand your family patterns through astrology and work with magical tools to care for your bloodline & form creative responses to it in your present life. Create ceremonies that empower you to respond to your metagenealogy.

In a time when many of us are called to reckon with the complex legacies of our ancestors, but social science and medicine don’t often go deep enough into the soul lessons we’re here to learn, it’s important to find tools to understand the forces that drove our ancestors, recognize fate patterns flowing through them & us, and atone for their wrongs. In addition to what’s reflected in medical tests, there’s also the ‘DNA’ that come to life through you and your ancestors as revealed through your natal chart. Families don’t only have medical and biographical stories to tell, but also mythical ones: your ancestors are the stuff myths and fairy tales are made of. This course will be an opportunity to explore the joy, grief, and mythic energy patterns (complexes) acted out in your family line as revealed through your natal chart. We will work with both biological family and chosen family to explore what the mythic powers  are calling your soul to do now through its relationship to these families.

Course details: 5 sessions live on Zoom and recorded: Thursdays March 24th, March 31st, April 7th, April 14th, April 21st. 7:00PM-9:00PM EST






Each person has a unique calling, an inner genius and guardian spirit committed to honing this calling throughout life. This is linked to career & creativity, and the astrological chart addresses all of it. Today it is increasingly urgent that we not only “find ourselves,” but to develop our senses of self in greater relationship to the environment & the world around us, realizing that humans aren’t the center of the universe & that we must exist in an attitude of service. I’m reminded of one of my most important mentors, Enrique Pardo, who says, “if you find your place, you will find your voice.” The word “voice” is linked to the word “vocation.” Finding our place can mean the creativity that geographic locations or social roles open up; it can also refer to the “places” as the houses of the astrological chart, revealing our place on a holistic & archetypal level rather than one limited to specific social functions of the modern world. In this course we re-imagine “vocation” for the present day: for you personally, and for the collective consciousness during a changing of the ages.

Course details: 5 sessions live on Zoom and recorded: TBD






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“I would recommend the Ancestral Patterns course because I have found it invaluable to put my own astrological journey in the contexts of the familial & generational relationships that have helped shaped who I am. I think it’s so important that critical self-reflection is anchored in relationships & communities, which helps, perhaps paradoxically, to de-center the “I” or the ego at times. Through participating in the Ancestral Patterns course, I have also found great value in hearing other people’s family stories & how they react & respond to the patterns that have emerged in their & their family’s lives because it helps build empathy and an appreciation for the diverse journeys we are all on.”

-Lauri, writer, Ancestral Patterns course participant

“The Astro-Erotics course was fascinating as we learned, through our natal charts and Nate’s passionate and deep knowledge of astrology and mythology, about our tendencies and desires in everything from love affairs, partnerships and the unspoken underworld. I specifically solidified the fact that having emotional connections with lovers, casual to serious, is beneficial to me and I was delighted to discover how much wildness and transformation I can experience with lovers. I also learned the archetype Virgo, that is in service to society, is the typical person I end up in partnerships with and that has held true and continues to! It’s also fun to observe Nate reading other people’s charts in the class and learning about all the signs and symbols, patterns and nuances of beautiful natal charts. Lastly it’s a lovely group to be a part of every week.”

-Thea, Performance Artist, Astro-Erotics course participant

“ The Astro-Erotics course did what religious texts & psychoanalysis & therapy could not: it gave me a language to talk about my experience, rich in metaphor & symbolism, but still grounded in real world experiences. I found that my devotion to Aphrodite grew deeper, as did my understanding of my relationships. The course gives a résumée of major astrological themes, and explains their relevant application to an erotic way of life, which is understood as appreciation of, and participation in, the desire of the world.”

-Jonathan, writer, Astro-Erotics course participant

“In the Ancestral Patterns course, the biggest reveal to me was learning that both my parents were “rebels” and trying to escape their constrained families of origin. That gave me a whole new window into their dance – it highlighted how their choosing to marry actually put them back into “norms” that then constrained them again. I also learned that there were very strong patterns at least on one side of the family that repressed the female,  my mother recognized on some level, but she did not have the strength or the courage or the capacity to support or champion her own daughter. The insights gained in the Ancestral Patterns course open up to patterns among humans & learning about chances to understand more deeply & give oxygen to oneself, and sometimes a demilitarized zone in a family system- that choice of words may be specific to my family because so many people were in the actual military, but also the power war between genders. It can be very freeing to have a holding space for issues with no resolution.” 

-Cassandra, Ancestral Patterns course participant

“I went into the Astro-Erotics class not knowing what to expect and I was still surprised! The homework was simple but required me to really dig deep. There was no way to half ass this. This class asked for me to be vulnerable in a way I didn’t expect, and it kind of scared me, but the other participants were so warm & vulnerable that I felt safe to open up a little more than I would have otherwise. It was also evident that these were your “people,” there was already a familiarity & rapport, so even though I didn’t know anyone else, I felt a sense of belonging right away.”

-Al, artist & teacher, Astro-Erotics course participant

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