Single-Session Consultations

Natal Chart Consultation: ($190)

Your natal chart is a map of your potentials. It contains valuable insight about every area of life, and is an indispensable guide when you are feeling “stuck.” A natal chart reading with me shows you outside-the-box solutions that integrate your deepest personal resources of creativity & intelligence. In this 60 minute consultation, we tap into your soul’s mission and your unique creative genius as revealed by your natal chart, understanding your present moment in relationship to the bigger picture. You will learn what dominant archetypes guide you through your day-to-day life as well as learning how to strengthen other areas of your consciousness that are less familiar to you. The goal of this session is to make you feel psychologically visible, at ease and empowered to make any shifts that you feel are necessary in your life.

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Solar Return Consultation: ($190)

Do you have a birthday coming up? Or does this simply feel like your weirdest year ever? In a Solar Return consult, we focus on the main themes of your year ahead, which are brought into focus by the chart of your most recent (or upcoming) birthday. This is a great way to gain an awareness of where you have opportunities for growth, reflection or action.

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Relationship Consultation: ($220)

Astrology reveals a great deal about relationships. A consultation with the charts of two or more people reveal potential harmonies and challenges they’re likely to face together in the emotional, intellectual, sexual and material realms. This type of consult applies not only to romantic relationships but also to family members, friends, colleagues, or any other significant relationship in your life.

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Electional Consultation: ($190)

Do you need to choose an important date for an event? Astrologers have known for millennia that not all dates & times are created equal. Whether you’re looking ahead to your wedding, a funeral, a court case, surgery, or the right day to quit your job or enter therapy, we will work together within your parameters to find the most auspicious date & time.

Ancestral Patterns Consultation: ($190)

Your natal & progressed astrological charts contain clues about how you can form creative responses to your family tree. Through exploring your chart with those of your family members, this consult gives you an awareness of how to write new scripts into your ancestral line instead of unconsciously repeating past dynamics.

Erotic Styles Consultation: ($190)

What is your unique style of erotic magic? We explore several aspects of you in this consultation, from your elemental temperament to what the planetary archetypes reveal about your personal kinks and ability to experience the world around you in an erotic way. You will emerge from this consult with a new language for erotic experience and practices that transform your relationship to eros & desire in your world.