Shadow ‘scopes

(horoscopes that honor the darker side of your life. finding the redemptive & generative qualities of poesis in the daily mess & transforming it to gold in front of you while you read.)

New Moon in Aries: March 21st, 2023

Aries: Those wounds that make you feel the irresistible compulsion to go after it all! The anger that catalyzes blood-soaked fresh starts as your battle cry dares the resources of the paths that have never been made to show themselves! There’s bloody, cruel greed coming from those old wounds itching to insist it’s all yours. Red-faced, plowing, charging into the unwalled area with all the aching screams of a migraine, you work to proclaim the new place as your own, all the while retaining in your bones the awareness of this violence and its consequences. The impulses to restlessly go to a new place might feel too arrogant to listen to the voices of caution & humility. But those harvests popping up from the ground announce themselves, making themselves light for you, and though you’re normally only there for the seeds rather than the harvest, this time you have an opportunity to pause with your rage and gain a whole new awareness of the radiance of the ground you’re walking on, which you shall not hide inside anger. 

Taurus: What happens when those chatty inner demons catch fire? When they pop their heads out of the sleepy room of confinement wearing spiked hair that’s gone up in flames? This new moon may have you feeling that fiery relationship with those demons breathing you out all over root coals, inner saboteurs raging. The medicine lies in realizing their desire is to break you out of confinement, to bust you out of the sleepy jail cell that is the you that doesn’t know your priorities, out riding the demon’s motorcycle onto the leading edge of your life. No matter the self-sabotage, weeping, lethargy and slowness of your cow mind, you must go out riding with those nasty cackling faces, wildly relishing the ability to use the momentum wrath gives you to be on the leading momentous edge rather than sinking inward. We need you, and that includes a need for those demons. 

Gemini: Confrontations galore! Constellations of like-minded hawkish individuals vying for dominance in worlds of the same explicit ideals! These ambitions, militarily decorated leaders dance around each other as in a chess game, and you wonder which of your friends you’ve argued with the most. Or, with which of your fellow rebels you’ve spilled the absinthe protest too strongly to the established powers so that now you, and all your colleagues, are in trouble. Luckily for you, getting into good trouble and good arguments form an integral part of the seeds you’re planting. Where is the good trouble for you now, and how are the surface levels of your verbal conflicts distractions from this essential trouble-truth? Your ability to trace these back to the seed spark of an idea that was your original catalyst will give you momentum forward. 

Cancer: At the leading edge are constant hazards of public confrontation, accusation, scapegoating and alternately feeling like you’re being victimized or victimizing others. Saying, “it’s okay I’ll go first!” and then leaping into the darkest path of the woods, daring others to follow you, can create whispers & rumors of psychopathy. But when you jump into that bush as all the public stands watching, and you make that bush shake, it’s clear now that it’s possible to know this place where you’re leading as movement occurs in the darkness. The onlookers see you make that previously unclear place in the forest rattle, and you show others a possible place to go ahead, and all the obscured aspects of the path, including the darkness in all your insecurities popping out in how others treated you & how you treated them before, start to reveal themselves as ‘possible’ in your act of making their ecosystems shake. 

Leo: All eager for diplomas and the next adventure, there are secrets in the ivory towers and the library all the while you zoom around on the latest trip of road rage. Are you speeding through a new book you’ve never devoured so insatiably before, or are you speeding on the text of the open road, making yourself a cartoon of a hedonistic thrill trying to impress your friends or travel buddies? What is the question you haven’t dared to ask, the question that you alone can lead others in asking, the question that lies somewhere between the unread book and the open road? Once you open that hungry mouth and ask it, there may be a speedup or a great slowdown in store for you, in an awareness of your power to return to a question at the heart of the matter. 

Virgo: In spite of yourself, the flame goes into the sexual body. All your fears about sensation become secondary to the demands of intimacy; the merciless desires to merge, consume, make another a part of you and you a part of another. While you don’t normally consider yourself a ‘leading’ sign, a flame moves you head first or groin first into the shady waters of what you share with another, or others. An urge to get it all in order, from the tax documents to the estate papers, is only matched by your urge to go to the topics that might normally make you squeamish—to entertaining the ghosts of sexuality. This is a time when you can go underneath sensation, and your usual destination with all its particulars, to see what’s really below the belt, and below the sensory-analytic belt to feel your urgent, desiring fire in intimate coexistence. 

Libra: Partners rush in to confront you, holding the spiky fire of autonomy up the axis of your body. The desire to become one with another sends you quaking in a possessed state, experiencing existential third degree burns when blended with the need for autonomy. How does the trance fire of merged one-need not become too absorbed in its own state, but instead able to intermingle with the need of fiery purpose burning in the spinal column to move forward? How to plant your seeds of sovereignty, balancing it with the loved ones who light your fire, without spilling it all over and wasting your vital force? That dance, and the sharp untameability of that fire you sometimes diplomatically dampen down, is your medicine now, giving pep to the step of your partnered dances. 

Scorpio: Time to investigate what’s on the underside of each organ without waking up all their spirits and setting off their inflammation. What does your surgeon’s eye, your nocturnal scalpel, begin to see on those inner scabs of body and mind? Those cuts, too, can be read like divination leaves, the outcry of each symptom behind a locked door a special entrance into the beauty-scape of your body. Opening each organ’s precious doorways with permission for them to clear out excess and make way for deepening into a receiving of the new makes you able to hear those somatic crying complaints without immediately assuming that they’re emergency alarms. How can your renewed perception of “routine” deepen into an informing from the underside of each organ into how it needs you to prepare the meals of your body and soul? 

Sagittarius: Your creative drive is a fire-breathing dragon looking for your urges. Centuries old, it shows you hallucinatory glimpses in its smoke of the children and elders you could be, and perhaps used to be. Your vision of your own creativity can perhaps ride cinematically on its tail, showing you how your expression has evolved over time, but your expressive greed becomes indulgent, bestial, hoarding in its quest for all these visions- it wants to bring your inner child and the inspired visions in their infant states all into a party together, drinking from an IPA keg the way David Bowie was hungry for artistic experiences that threw the artist into waters out of their depth. Can you sustain this exploratory artistic hunger without demanding that all these visions join the party of your creative projects at the same time? 

Capricorn: A part of your soul bangs on a door to run out of a fire this new moon. An old part of you growing too hot in the small private kitchen and family situation, seeks to step out onto the other side of the door where the new you can hatch. The heat on this side has cooked enough and you’re ready for your new habitat, but in the meantime, it burns. The fire in you longing for the breathable nurturing space must equally match the fire threatening to burn the house down so you can beat it to the door, bust it down with the might of your own primordial passion, and move out into that valley of fresh air which at the same time grants you miraculous solitude. All the loud dysfunction in the family nest transforms into your knowledge of what truly gives you oxygen. 

Aquarius: It’s a constant conversation, and while conversation usually implies mobility, there’s a white hot frozenness to this chatter, almost as if you’re in a neverending recording or feedback loop. An angsty song you can’t get out of your head! Who’s fighting with you? Is the true frozenness you, stuck in your perspective thinking you know best how to let all the information circulate? Parked cars & trips around the culdesac make you froth at the mouth thinking there’s no escape from these rival siblings, from the poisonous news headlines, from everyone who keeps all the things stagnant besides you. But it seems there’s a reason you’re carrying these soundbites of missed-the-mark communication or speeding in circles: you are the bringer of perspective itself, and sometimes this means by necessity you’re haunted by Perspective’s thin ice pockets, where an endless watery pit claims our thinking & feeling. It’s actually finite, this inner bickering, but yours is the master craft of perspective we need to know what it now means to be on the cutting edge. 

Pisces: Are resources and possessions really solid at all? What do the fires in your head & feet tell you after you’ve eaten so many sweets you see gummy bear smears all over your money and furniture? Your desire to hold onto it all breathes like fire swirling in your head while it all threatens to dissolve and then reorganize itself in a house another ocean away. Time calls for seeing this feeling of “not enough” for what it is- part of a having, consuming, escapist machine, where the real knowledge is how possessions are like islands distracting you from the ever-abiding constantly regenerating ‘beneath’ of self-worth. An oceanic cemetery might be more salty than sweet but it’s your constant place of contact to anchor you into the awareness that you are and have enough, always will be, and the fire of your you-ness is paradoxically found out of those wombwaters.