“If you follow your Weird, you’ll find your Wyrd”: What it Means to Work with Me

One of my favorite things about being an astrologer is there isn’t a limit to the hats I can wear (sometimes literally!).

I can be a writer, a performer, a counselor, a teacher, a scholar, a critic, a provocateur, a storyteller, a shamanic transformer, an erotic bodyworker—depending on how the wisdom tradition and the quality of the day want to express themselves through me.

It’s like a venue where all the intellectual & visceral, creative & critical parts of myself can party together. I am multifaceted just as you are, and in these times it’s important that we allow ourselves to shapeshift. For a long time, I resisted my multifaceted-ness because I thought I had to be a preconceived concept.

It’s ironic to me that one of the charges against astrology is that it’s “deterministic” (believing that all events are caused by forces outside of our sense of agency & meaning) when it’s actually the opposite—or at least, potentially less deterministic than the modern mechanistic-materialist-reductionist paradigm. Materialist reductionism, the orientation of our dominant culture, sees a person solely as mechanistic parts that are empty inside, and defines a person according to biographical markers and consensus reality notions of who & what someone is. Ironically, this is the same philosophical orientation that claims to champion free will, and disparages fields like astrology for their fatalistic outlook.

But what if, contrary to materialist propaganda, embracing a magical worldview actually increases our efficacy? Frances Yates, the Renaissance scholar, wrote, “Mechanism divested of magic became the philosophy which was to oust Renaissance animism and to replace the ‘conjuror’ by the mechanical philosopher.” In truth, reducing a human being to a mechanism empty of spirit & soul, is anything *but* a philosophy that’s on the side of free will & agency! People are much easier to control when they’ve been indoctrinated into thinking that they’re empty inside and that there’s no golden thread that they’re following.

But rest assured, there is a golden thread, and it’s a weird one. Or more aptly said, it’s a Wyrd one.

Astrological inquiry into self-development and into the path of transformation are about the *who*, not the what, that is to say, they’re about going to the core of the person. This means honoring the multiplicity that you are, honoring your many colors. We look at not what you ‘should’ be, but at who you are and what’s in your heart. We look at your Wyrd.

“Wyrd” is an Old English term that means “destiny, fate.” The paradox of “Wyrd” is that there’s a strong sense of fatedness & necessity, and yet at the same time, we choose it for ourselves. Our muses, desires, eccentricities, impulses (as my mentor the brilliant Enrique Pardo would say, “when an imp gives you a shove”), all conspire to make sure that you do the Great Work of crafting your Wyrd and living into it. In sessions with me, we gather the council of all these forces that light you up and make your light & shadow, in their nondual totality, say “YES.” It’s rigorous, fun, and weird, therefore Wyrd.

Transformation through sessions with me therefore includes learning through your weirdness and your shadows, and learning to love those parts, not only theoretically, but in action. In a consultation session with me, we go there– we go into the weirdness, into the dark & taboo spaces, because the soul’s creative pleasure in those shadowy spaces contains the seed of fulfillment of both your conscious *and* unconscious desires. “If you follow your Weird, you’ll find your Wyrd.”