World Horoscope, October 18th, 2020

October 18th, Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, calling the axis of ‘service’ into our awareness. With the moon still dark after its new phase in Libra, one-on-one partnerships continue to figure into the foreground of consciousness. Combining this awareness of the dyad with the theme of service, we are called to recognize and reflect upon to whom and to what we find ourselves in service.

In what way are we serving our relationships and the multiplicity of perspectives within them? In what way are we serving the myriad desires and impulses within our own souls that may have been temporarily submerged for the sake of our survival, but that are now crying out for attention?

As the Titan and Olympian planets in Capricorn stand off with heroic Mars and the regal Sun, the foundation of our current status quo faces particularly urgent scrutiny. To what extent is the foundation of our current status quo rooted in blocking a passionate impulse to explore? Stuck impulses rise to the surface. The frustration they trigger may stem from the awareness of fear that if we had fully followed the heroic instinct, we would lose our security, or that the spontaneous awareness of those instincts in the present tense itself pulls the secure ground out from underneath. The uprising reddens and aggravates the status quo in which we serve ourselves and our relationships.

Is the status quo of what we serve (as called into awareness today), in both partnership and individual desire, still in formation? Is it sustaining itself in a holding pattern? Or does today’s status quo show up as that which is falling away, passing into the underworld, making way for a new status quo to form? Which feels clear to you? For instance, if it’s in a holding pattern, then perhaps Jupiter emerges as an instructor, trying to “instruct” (pack in) an onslaught of administrative orders that feel overwhelming in a way that calls us to question what we are serving.

To honor the I, the We, and the many approaches toward living an inspired life as wants, rather than as ‘shoulds’ is the challenge of the day. Service need not be solidified and orderly in the old sense—it can be service also to the mess, and to the sacred dance of that submerged impulse’s anger. The divine rage, too, is a form of architecture and house-cleaning that keeps the everyday both alive and dreaming.

World Shadow Horoscope, October 17th, 2020

October 17th, an operatic Bigfoot carries each of our infant selves on its shoulders after slowly stepping through a luminous portal. It treads on the creaky, almond-scented hardwood floors of a colonial cottage, singing its way up the stairs as we’re perched, curiously looking at what the dark journey brings. Arriving in the attic, we find our place of refuge roofless—that which we’ve given value is falling apart, replaced by cobwebs, clutching to the past.

All the power sources of that home & its possessions, and the power lines sustaining its neighborhood, too, topple over onto a pile of scorpions. Whispers of sinister jokes vibrate through the air; dark financial dealings happen behind swaying foliage and autumn smoke. Menstrual blood flows with a vengeance and prostates swell.

The hope and respite lies in the song of our voices and in the long-rejected, disbelieved parts of our souls, seeing the attic that lost its roof as an opportunity to sing into the sky. Can our sweet melodies of longing, revenge and regression, once thought urban legends, straddle the cobwebs, pests & old contracts, serenading the common light source?

New Moon in Libra: October 16th, 2020

Today’s new moon triggers an awareness of the tension between one-on-one partnerships and conflicting individual desires. We may feel torn between a review of inner drives to move forward and the agreements that feel necessary to sustain relationship. Questions to ask ourselves include, “is my relationship to beauty, value, harmony and one-on-one partnership creating space for new beginnings in my emotional fulfillment? How do I approach the adventure of one-on-one relating, and what seeds are my intuitive emotional responses encouraging me to plant within my relationships, including how I relate to my own will?”

The moon’s opposition to Mars, and square to Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto, invites us to relate to ourselves as architects of our desires’ gestures. It feels, suddenly, as though the intentions we plant around autonomy, partnership, the freedom within partnership, and the partnership within solitude, carry significant consequence. There are whispers of a scale model or floor plan, and a drive to set our intentions in stone.

The challenge is that it’s difficult to do this with any certainty when the foundation itself is undergoing renovation and demolition. But that’s okay, for the intention of this new moon is not limited to the schemes and designs that the conflicting claims of the soul ask us to map out. Rather, this new moon asks that we recognize that same conflicted soul as itself a masterful architect, bold in its sweet yearning to build a temple of integrity that accommodates the experience of both personal autonomy and close interrelatedness.

With Venus ruling this new moon, beauty and romance color the lenses through which we’re inclined to see the architects of partnership and autonomy. We feel a natural instinct that prompts us to uncover the beauty within our daily routine as it is, but with an opposition from Neptune in Pisces, there’s an equal impulse to challenge what’s become the default order, demanding more magic and enchantment.

Libra loves to pursue balance, and one way to speak to the chief architects of our experience today is reminding them that balance need not always be symmetrical: compositions are balanced due to each element, in its uniqueness, taking its rightful place within the asymmetry, rather than fitting into a narrow role molded by another order’s agenda. What’s more, this Libran new moon is an invitation to talk not only with the close friends, spouses or partners outside of ourselves, but also the plurality of persons who live ‘inside’—the ones who want to move not necessarily forward, but backward, sideways or not at all. Where does your inner child want to go? Your inner elder? Ask the less-often-consulted parts of you what sort of agreements would constitute a liberating experience of harmony, beauty and relatedness for them. The worlds of freedom and relationship that open up may surprise you.

Questions to ask yourself as Saturn goes direct: October 3rd, 2020

Today, Saturday, (Saturn’s day) arrives a few days after Saturn has gone direct and only a day before Pluto goes direct. Saturn, the taskmaster, the grindstone, melancholy, the expression of structure and foundation, prison & palace both. Here are some self-reflective questions to ask about the process of Saturn in your own life:

-What have I learned about my foundations and support systems since May of this year? How can I express what I’ve learned in a positive, empowering way?

-How have I been called to express security and support for others? Which of these callings felt true to my own boundaries and integrity, and which didn’t? What does that reflect back to me about how my boundaries and integrity are defined?

-What have I learned since May about how I can express security and support for others while still feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually safe myself?

-If I was asked to extend security and support in a way that felt uncomfortable, how did I tell the difference between a request that represented a violation of my integrity/boundaries, and a request that represented a necessary renovation of my comfort zone?

Full Moon in Aries: October 1st, 2020

This full moon highlights the Aries-Libra axis; the polarities of “I” and “We” moving toward the center of coexistent autonomous beings relating with the world from a place of integrity.

How do we follow our own passionate autonomy while also deeply relating and reaching out within that freedom? How do we experience relationship in a way that doesn’t keep us stuck in old roles, false diplomacy and stale ways of relating, but rather that allows space to express fresh sides of ourselves through the act of reaching out in relationship? Put in another way, how can relationships show us the fresh ways in which we are now free to move forward? This full moon offers an opportunity to release those antiquated, imprisoning roles that once made us decide to forsake relating because we felt we couldn’t do so on our own terms. How are these appearances of imprisoning relationship roles eroding, making way for fresh manifestations of self through the joy of relating with others?

Forming a square to Pallas Athena in Capricorn, this full moon offers the insight that underlying both the relationship and the individual is the ground on which both stand. Can we take a more aerial view of the wider ground on which personal freedom and relationship stand in our lives?

Let’s get to know that ground’s boundaries as well as its potential, and respect the boundaries and integrity of ourselves and each other.

World Shadow Horoscope, September 25th, 2020

Today, with a T-Square to the moon and Saturn, cock-combed warriors with bulging eyes twist their faces into perverse rage. Those of us lustful for blazing uncharted territory wear the wrathful enchantment like a cosmic gown too big to fit into. The raging impulses of our hunger for singularly creative experience double back, encircling the patches of ground they’ve just plundered, confronted with figurines of alliances, love affairs, betrayals. Who has been born from these alliances; these treaties uttered with two tongues? The figures symbolizing the union shatter through the roar and spit of the soldiers, red in their appetite for destruction, in an attempt to uncover what was underneath the agreements’ falsities.

We are the warriors, the newborns and the representations of consummated agreements altogether. Curled up, half in the womb and half born into a cold world, seeking nourishment, it seems we live in a double existence, constantly circumambulating the territory appearing freshly before us. The womb feels blistery; callous, and we’re not sure if we need to purely meet physical needs or to leave the frigid cocoon to find blessings for our individuality elsewhere.

A mummy appears—one of the oldest mummies, they say, also wounded by the red rage that doubles back on itself after double-crossed alliances. He lets the sun crack open the ground, revealing a descending stairway down to a swirling murder of crows. They tell us that no matter what messages of doom appear in worldly news, it’s always possible to dance. Points of connection, they say, will lead us away from the tyrant’s womb and indifferent world, into the den of the nurturing goat who will bless us for our whims. Flying up and ahead, they celebrate the revelation of a goat’s carcass, and sing of how when we blush, scream and double back, though we think we’re regressing, we’re really spiraling toward the great animal embrace of kinesthetic vitality and liberated flight.

World Shadow Horoscope, September 22nd, 2020

September 22nd, a monarch with tense shoulders ambles about a castle sweating over how to regain popularity with his subjects. Though he holds the most power in the land, he secretly runs from his own pride and uniqueness. Panting and yearning to win the approval of those who, on the surface, depend on his light for sustenance, he exhausts himself. Torches in the kingdom wane in the vigor of their fires as pressure to bear the burden of the Other’s passion and vitriol forces its steam.

We’re the populace and the ruler, and spread out around the land there are landmines, into which some tumble to darkness, and bulletholes, black centers into which the grounded splendor of the king’s creativity plummets to an unknown destination. The formation of these free-falling centers is prompted by dogmatic bait and placeholder concepts that trigger our reptilian brains and righteousness. The baggage of the alternate urges to fight back and please comes through like hoarded suitcases falling out of once-invisible closets.

A crocodile’s mouth provides the unexpected source of refuge, carrying us on its tongue. In the back, near the tonsils, an angelic light illuminates the salivary glands that hydrate the soul, nourishing it for what it is— neither self-satisfied edifice nor depleted pleaser, but a multi-perspectival conduit bravely facing the abyss, aware of the light that awaits.

World Shadow Horoscope, September 19th, 2020

September 19th, with the Moon entering Scorpio, a shadow passes over our passions. The lower organs rumble, and stuck tears demanding to flow make their way through the channel. A sense that something’s been stolen, lost or coveted somewhere within the ground of our creative fertility prevails, and so the aches and screams of our generative parts demand recoveries of what’s been taken, or explanations of why fate has played a mobster’s game with our most precious memories, desires and pieces of identity.

It’s as if the person without whom we couldn’t survive has taken our most precious childhood object with sweet words, a smile and a kiss. Miscommunications and illicit affairs vibrate in the air on a preverbal, precognitive level of percussive, egg-like orbs; the circle of chaos teasing what’s already been brought into manifestation.

The support comes when short, stout, hairy men, calling themselves the original gargoyles, set up a tent of wooden sticks; a palace of splinters. “Look at the relationship between wood and light,” they say merrily, flying with capes all over the splinters. One part of the wood reveals the light side of how our support systems truly support us, and when they fly to the dark side of the wood, they reveal what’s been corrupted and needs changing. But most importantly, each splinter leans into the others, almost falling but holding each other up through a mutually grounded awareness, by necessity, of both their light and dark sides, able to shift in cooperation.

World Horoscope, September 19th, 2020

September 19th, the moon slides onward from its already dark phase into brooding Scorpio. Over the last couple of days, in the moon’s crawl through Libra, our drive to nurture a sense of relational feel-good-ness has challenged the stark clarification of what’s happening at the root of it all. This has, at certain moments, given rise to a greater need for compromise, and a clarification of the intentions behind interpersonal communication.

The moon’s journey into Scorpio now has us taking time to be with the parts of the ground that are profoundly and slowly changing. With much junk going through a process or shifting around or purgation, we’re forced into an emotional reckoning with how our deepest, most primal level of passion involves itself in what we keep, shift, toss or offer up to the gods. At the emotional level, this can be manifested as moodiness, slowness, brooding, and a deep awareness of the lower organs. Even in wanting to hold on to the essence of something, can we nonetheless allow its form to shift and learn to let go through the moods?

This is a good day to be respectful of each other’s moods, and to resist asking for rational explanations for the mood swings of your loved ones. Take the conversations about what to add, subtract or shift as meditations on the dance between holding on and letting go.

World Shadow Horoscope, September 17th, 2020

September 17th, new moon in Virgo, the halls and roundtables full of smoke and sweet-smelling perfume await the entrance of fidgeting, flip-flopping, pleasure-seeking politicians. The pregnant silence reflects choices that need to be made, but propaganda clouds our judgement—the judgement of the spokespeople of the good. Lurking through layers of international bureaucracy are charcoal monsters and patriarchs sounding their last death rattles. Those who seek to choose joy on behalf of the world must confront their respect for the old Fathers, and for the perceived majesty of hierarchy, if they wish to genuinely act on behalf of the good & the beautiful.

At first, instead, rose-colored glasses are handed out on silver platters. Seeing through them yields a sentimental homage to all the antiquated propaganda for Authority, nesting in the thrill of pleasing the forefathers. Nutrition Facts labels appear on every object and being, a caricature of this clinging to bureaucracy. But at a certain point, we realize that these ladders of apparent concern for wellness neglect to disclose their sources: the autocrats filtering their final cries for their world through words of honey.

It’s at a moment when a toothless crone, who rides a unicorn, invites us gleefully to touch the horn of her steed, that we glimpse the sacred script of choice within the many circles of the horn itself. The message is that the faculty of choice doesn’t reside in poisoned bureaucratic ladders, but in the act of peering into the many layers of possibility through “the connecting point between your desires and anything in your world that enchants you.” The answers lie not in a satellite rigidity that manufactures splits, but in the imagination of the possible.