World Shadow Horoscope, November 10th, 2020

November 10th, messes of efficiency, comfort, service and nostalgia clutter our homes of body and soul. In the kitchens and offices of “to do,” foam runs along the tabletops and espresso stains linger, packet upon packet upon crumb dictating the hodgepodge of our inner/outer environs. The neurotic switch to alignment and conformity swerves us toContinue reading “World Shadow Horoscope, November 10th, 2020”

World Shadow Horoscope, November 9th, 2020

November 9th- who will roam solitary? Who will glide together, bound? Who will be connected in a moody orb, and who will violently cut off, separate, shaking off togetherness into their own construct of liberation? Can each of these paths constitute ways of sliding down the butterfly’s wing onto a worked-out path of heart-pumpingly relatedContinue reading “World Shadow Horoscope, November 9th, 2020”

World Shadow Horoscope (in the first person), November 4th, 2020

Yesterday, I was perplexed. Riddled by personal anxieties and distractions about health & symptoms on one level, and concerns about the nail-biting election on another level, I wanted to find a way to be present to the public within my means. I had imagined going live, posting an “ask me anything” in my Story, orContinue reading “World Shadow Horoscope (in the first person), November 4th, 2020”

World Shadow Horoscope, October 30th, 2020

October 30th, as the moon prepares for fullness, a penguin slowly walks our desiring child-selves across a cliff passage, advising us to step slowly. But how can we stroll at a leisurely pace, taking in the scenery hinting at rock & ice, if we’re ill-at-ease? We arrive at a pitch black archway, encasing us inContinue reading “World Shadow Horoscope, October 30th, 2020”

Full Moon in Taurus & The Week of 10/26/2020

It’s the kind of week when you fight with your lover and then process it all by chewing on a hunk of sugar cane and gathering dusty portraits of ancestors. It’s a week when shadowy surgeons creep up behind you evaluating how you treat your loved ones, how you approach important subject matter, how youContinue reading “Full Moon in Taurus & The Week of 10/26/2020”

World Shadow Horoscope, October 28th, 2020

October 28th, the urge to move forward into unconquered places attacks the body. Ironically it’s more like a block or a clench: the squeezing of sphincters, the lip-biting when we can’t peel the hard-boiled eggs fast enough, the muttering, growling curses that bruise our voices. It seems it’s always the desire to ‘go on’ thatContinue reading “World Shadow Horoscope, October 28th, 2020”

World Shadow Horoscope, October 27th, 2020

October 27th, with Venus and Mercury bookending Libra, lovers stand in front of a mirror checking their faces for pimples. Songs of praise of self & other bubble forth in desperation, like beige coverup for hickeys from an old betrayal, and the glottal attack of their affection renders obvious what’s lying dormant. The partners fancyContinue reading “World Shadow Horoscope, October 27th, 2020”

World Shadow Horoscope, October 26th, 2020

October 26th, a womb-like structure looms over the ebbs and flows of lonely moods, on the precipice of giving birth. Underneath the primordial womb, many orphans wander about in empty woods, feeling abandoned by their brothers and sisters and those who gave birth to them. We, the orphans, lick our wounds, discovering that taste isContinue reading “World Shadow Horoscope, October 26th, 2020”

World Shadow Horoscope, October 25th, 2020

October 25th, undertows swallow our words and our emotions feel tucked away with their justifications inside of swimsuits lost in the deep, thrashing ocean waves. We feel swallowed by forces that could consume even the most seasoned sailor, and yet, we also suspect that there’s an insight to be seen or gained from all theContinue reading “World Shadow Horoscope, October 25th, 2020”

World Shadow Horoscope, October 24th, 2020

October 24th, the world wakes up jeering, laughing and frolicking in sunlight before it occurs to everyone that they’re celebrating in a cacophony of different languages. Many tongues are uttered cheerfully, but without being understood—the day is incomprehensible with yearning for communication. Lovers and beloveds stand together in an embrace, but below them they’re dimlyContinue reading “World Shadow Horoscope, October 24th, 2020”