Shadow Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Leo (February 16th, 2022)

This round of ‘scopes brought an abundance of celestial energy to the images that came through the poetic imagination—the luminaries pulsated, speaking loudly to me, often fragmenting or splitting themselves into geometric patterns in an erotic way, and emphasizing the connection between earth & sky. (Scroll past the overall forecast to read for your sun sign & rising sign.)

This full moon in Leo week, with an ongoing conjunction of Venus & Mars—the two lovers holding hands, before Moon opposes Jupiter—teaches us about what we are consummating—erotically, materially, emotionally & intellectually. It could be sexy & loving *if* we’re adept listeners. What are we releasing forward into birth for the world to see that’s a unique expression of our inner gold? The erotic aspect of this consummation links to the conjunction of Venus & Mars, the tango of the scandalous lovers. It asks us how we are partnering, receiving, giving & sustaining within our integrity in this moment in our lives. 

It’s the kind of time when synchronicities happen with partners, lovers or friends, like when you both call or text each other at the exact same time. It’s also a time when the rot of corrupt foundations within relational polarities are brought up, especially marriages or relationships that involve contracts. 

The full moon in Leo asks: what would our inner child, the moment they realized their particular Grail quest, think about our current situation? What would it say to us about our pursuit? And what would we say to the child & its wants? Sometimes a valid response is “I’ve learned a lot since then and certain things have changed in my heart’s desires & mind.” Sometimes a valid response is “you’re right, I’ll steer back on track with the genuine desires of my soul that you expressed all that time ago.” And there’s possibly a middle way between the two. 

In our partnerships, any charmed or rotten interactions in the Venus-Mars arena, this week, are trying to in some way listen to that Leonine questing heroic child, recognizing the ferociously hungry, instinctual cauldron of its creativity. But Venus & Mars in Capricorn may have a tough time listening to a Leo moon—the angle is awkward, twisted, with the planets not really ‘seeing’ each other. It’s on us to listen to how our experiences between those two fields—spontaneous instinctual creativity and earthy reverberations of partnering— echo each other when cloaked in the most awkwardly dissimilar robes. What kind of pleasure did our questing inner child want? How are our erotic impulses in all of their forms, whatever our situation, relating to that questing child? What is the connection between playful, pleasurable connections and the ignition of our creative spark as individuals? 

It’s not so clear-cut, even if we may be used to drawing a connection between those realms. In this case, the Leo moon revels in what it finds pleasurable; the Venusian-Martial lovers may intend to follow their own pleasure-path. But the synthesis of it all for us registers as a disjointed punk sequence of chords composed of Leo’s urgent, libidinal fires & Capricorn’s dense, methodical melancholy.It’s clear something vital is happening, but such a strange chord resounds that we’re not sure how to sing it: it could be a rich, substantial crescendo or a flat bummer. A drunk hookup with a partner who’s not listening very well. A mosh pit in the middle of a few too many sweaty goats. 

Along with the Leo full moon and Venus-Mars, Jupiter in Pisces may bring our awareness to excesses. These could include excessive habits or tendencies, or areas where we just feel an irresistible pull toward the repetition of an activity or frame of mind. For all of Jupiter’s virtues, it is also a planetary archetype that gives us enough of excess’s rope to hang ourselves. If the creative connection of Moon to Venus-Mars is there, but disjointed, awkward & punk, then the excess that comes into clarity with Jupiter’s later opposition to Moon is more lucid. Are we giving ourselves conscious permission to enact the proliferation & repetition of a habit, passion, hobby, pastime, or cognitive state? Or are we excessively repeating something out of fear or by default? There’s value in having as little aggressive self-judgment about this as possible, bringing awareness to it rather than judging. 

It could be that we’re experiencing excess because the excessive pursuit of a specific field of experience is connected to what we know—in a time when so much of the birth of creativity is connected to the unfamiliar chord-striking of disparate erotic forces & drives.  Can we respect the known pleasure that Jupiter’s excess brings us while also creating plenty of listening space underneath to the unpredictable, dissonant punk music? Can we loosen control and listen? 

“The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” – William Blake

art by Rachel of @_cosmic_creator_

ARIES: The fertility of the moment radiates from you in giant discs—as in sunlight, or as in plates of rejected food, nourishment for creativity that part of you either hoards or poses as “too good for that.” To be the supreme creator may require you to curiously look down at what’s emanating from your center—those morsels of nourishment needn’t be hoarded, vomited or denied. You don’t need to mistake soul nourishment for something you’re here to show off, saying, “I have this” or “I can create this” but not tasting or delighting in it yourself. 

This moon gives you a chance to be less of the lone leader & more horizontal in your dance, a pleasure in finding the sources of nourishment already available from within *and* outside close to you. In your apparent disgust with what actually feeds you & brings you joy lies an opportunity for you to see how you’re only disgusted by the insecure compulsion to prove yourself when you see the dazzling discs as attached to you but basically separate from you. In actuality, those discs are self-replenishing joy to which you continuously contribute with your raucous laughter of letting go.

This is nonsense written by a madman. Say something direct: Aries, you may find recreational activities or socializing that pertains to your goals of special importance to you this full moon week, with some juicy erotic energy around your career or any leadership responsibilities you have. Remember to let go and to not be shy about experiencing joy, as this playful ability is also disarming to those around you. 

art by Rachel of @_cosmic_creator_

TAURUS: Mom & Dad carry around their double child-selves, their baby masks, their noble quests that have been infantilized by unresolved conflicts. Strange purple lines descend from the sky, imposing a seemingly solid law before fragmenting into many pieces that send each family into their homes, anchoring them to the floors, forcing them to acknowledge the uncomfortable. The uninhabitable aspects of your home make themselves known front-and-center stage because the baby, the infant, knows when its needs aren’t met & shamelessly cries it all out. What are these double child-faces and these tyrannical uninhabitabilities of your core home & roots trying to tell you? Or conversely, is there any excessive pride in the nature of your home or family name, or the need of your inner child to be a parent to your parent? 

What are the nighttime laws of your home & your quest, and those of your parents? Why are you forced to see the unrest in where you sleep? There’s always the option to ask the question of how another perspective, or catharsis, of our past conflicts will mobilize our quest—and in our search for the Grail, one of the lessons learned is to not resist asking the question that we think is too foolish. Behind all these baby faces and screams of protest are the yearning questions that will empower you to see your true home as a radiant fan of choices, a sun pulsing with agency, a lion’s mane.  

This is nonsense written by a madman. Say something direct: Taurus, you may find that themes of the home, family, mother & roots show up for you on this full moon. You may have a keen awareness of both “home base” and “away”, having one on a pedestal and the other in a gutter. Remember that the emotional body & the inheritances of our parents & ancestors contain wounds as well as gifts, and this is a ripe time to be curious about those gifts. “Regression in the service of transcendence.”

art by Rachel of @_cosmic_creator_

GEMINI: What kind of kindness do you strive toward on this full moon? Are you the rabbit who, when as in the folktales, an old man of the moon disguises himself as a beggar down on earth to see how the animal kingdom treats each other, willingly volunteers to jump into the fire & become food? Or are you one who scurries off, resisting the lunar test of your generosity but still circulating your kindness among animal kin? In the first scenario, the old man carries you up to the moon, placing you in the limelight but also making you utterly loony. The second may be a more crooked, daily, earthy path.

In either case, people want attention & care. In partnerships and in your peer groups, messages peak to the point of excess news circulation; relationship crises leak and bleed all over the documents & streets of your life. To whom do you give attention and what are your limits of shining the limelight on the relationships that constellate around you? The smoke of that fire, which one version of you throws yourself into, turns black & furious, wanting both togetherness & distance, wanting co-existence—seeking the others’ paths as valid as much as your own, remembering you & others are each distinct—and wishing you, above all, to be kind. 

This is nonsense written by a madman. Say something direct: Gemini, you may find communications & the need to speak kind words, to clarify what you mean & to have careful respect for unconscious motivations & the deep psyches of yourself & others of particular prominence this full moon. Honor the kindest aspect of your light-on-your feet instincts without succumbing to analysis paralysis.

art by Rachel of @_cosmic_creator_

CANCER: This full moon, it’s as if wrestling a hot body over things you seem to own, or perhaps a golden beam of energy between you & another that you think belongs to one of you, forces you to tumble to the ground in a writhing heap of erotic war. In the next moment you both turn into dark serpents and it’s hard to tell who was who & what the fight was about. 

You were becoming that force of gold itself that seemed so attractive, that you fought tooth and nail to grasp in your hands, your bodies losing identity as part of the process. Going from the “mine” to the “shared’ via the transformation of the serpent, back to a sense of you by realizing the vitality that comes with a submergence into the serpentine state, is part of how you now understand giving, receiving & owning through a more refined, noble lens. 

This is nonsense written by a madman. Say something direct: Cancer, on this full moon you may find possessions, income & self-worth a strong theme, juxtaposed against what you intimately share with another, including erotic energies. Know your worth with trust & continued action that confirms the continuous replenishing of your resources, while also compassionately witnessing any insecurities or fear of lack that comes up for you.

art by Rachel of @_cosmic_creator_

LEO: It’s clear that it’s all you, Leo, and that there’s some sense of dark around you, an empty land, the only light under your eyes coming from the white at the bottom of your apron hoping for a companion or two. Until light begets more light: is it the longing for light or for friends, or companions? Or for you, are those the same? When suddenly the universe keeps you on that track & sends you, as if on a conveyor belt, toward the sun, you feel you might be demolished (or at least blinded) by going at this great fireball all on your own. 

But a strange thing happens when the outer edges of the shining circle bring a warmth to your body: it’s like the warmth of all the loving companions in the world. It’s somewhat paradoxical: you’re given a solitary task, in the dark it seems, but you’re also heading toward the sun, toward a cosmically loving sustenance in which your cells remember the dance of everyone who has ever loved you, surrounding your person. 

This is nonsense written by a madman. Say something direct: Leo, this full moon week you may feel that ‘alone’ and ‘together’ are themes that push & pull. Who around you accepts the new you, and under what circumstances? It’s important to remember that you’re not alone; the solitariness of your quest is brave & dignified, but remember the joy you’ve brought others and vice versa.

art by Rachel of @_cosmic_creator_

VIRGO: How beautiful are containers, palaces, places of help & shelter? How much does claustrophobia & a dusty brick smell negate their beauty when their magic is placed, one after the other, in the dark woods? The isolation & confinement due to perfectly sanitized, architected sanatoriums, or palaces of your dreams, out in the woods where it feels wildness should thrive, brings up an inner tension you may feel between wildness & stability. It seems so satisfying, at first, that designs of health, wellness & dream can be repeatable—but it also overcrowds the natural vitality of the inner forest. 

When the confining spaces collapse and you glow miles down the immovable trees, all those pent-up daydreams find a place to ripple out & sing their songs, and you realize you contained yourself all that time temporarily so you could then unwind, in spite of your “just so” filter, and wildly & fiercely shine. 

This is nonsense written by a madman. Say something direct: Virgo, this full moon hidden truths may come up, or you might smell the truth in a hidden place. Or others may smell it on you. It’s an opportunity to patiently listen within the liminal space between the contained & the wildly unbound, & wait for inner clarity.

art by Rachel of @_cosmic_creator_

LIBRA: In one moment, you’re roasting a great cosmic marshmallow around the campfire of the sun while imagining people you esteem are with you. But in the next moment, your roasting stick pierces that sun in half, splitting, fragmenting that center of your creativity. You’re eager for the people who jazz you up to be around you, and at the same time, there’s something “alone” about the experience. The campfire roast turned skyward points your awareness toward your two-sided, scaled solar nature, needing the other & others but also solitude in your creative pleasure. When that sun, or the self-and-communal center splits, friends rain out of its vaginal core, populating your earth. 

The desire for your spark of life to actualize is both alone & together, skyward & earthward, but also—your willingness to take up space, to roast your marshmallow, though affronting your other-oriented nature, actually generates the social aphrodisiac through its dance with the great fire. When you make the move toward tasting boldness, while honoring your solitude so you feel the space you can now take, there’s not just another, but many others, who nourish you. 

This is nonsense written by a madman. Say something direct: You may find themes of your social circle catch your attention while extra energy feels simultaneously more grounded within your introverted spaces. Between your interior life & your social self, which is the center and which is fringe for you right now? Remember that they both take to each other, and letting those inner & outer spaces take turns based on your body’s needs of the moment helps.

art by Rachel @_cosmic_creator_

SCORPIO: The side of a cliff contains many lifetimes’ worth of your royal achievements & moments of prestige, and as you pivot through the full moon, these king-and-queen-ships draw you to them. And yet, what feels more real to you are the roots underneath all the castles you ruled along that discombobulated timeline: under the whole side of the cliff are strong roots in the ground, irresistible in their tug. Each bit of your will, intending to exit into a prestigious god realm in your soul’s life, seems foiled by the roots’ lure with repetitions & holograms of their descent embedded in the cliff’s every corner. 

What’s at the root of your climb to power? And whose bones are you standing on? As real as the bright colors of achievement are mother’s grief, her cries, her stories. It’s the stories you’ve inherited behind the masks of power that give you an opportunity to change your vantage point on that cliff—not climbing up to fall down, but seeing the true power in giving your rooted stories equal weight on your freshly flipped plane of existence. Once you do this, there’s no need to hide in the name of the climb. 

This is nonsense written by a madman. Say something direct: You may find images of your career, public image, social status, power, or parenthood surfacing on this full moon. Questions about the balance of obtaining & wielding power in the outer world while harvesting & attending to the roots that have nourished you through your life, come into focus. Remember the power of reflecting on the stories that you inhabit instead of only blindly climbing.

art by Rachel of @_cosmic_creator_

SAGITTARIUS: A tube-mouth in the ground spits bursts of color into the air, but its intentions & origins are unknown. Is it an animal? A machine? It wants to say something, or celebrate, but two hawks strangle it, turning it to a black river before it’s resurrected. Part of you tends to celebrate romantically disseminated dogma. And on this full moon, there’s peak awareness of all the side effects of feeling scorched under the beams of one of the pockets of experience those worldviews represent. Past scholars or teachers you’ve admired, while claiming false heroism, are exposed in the limelight. Your capacity to set fire to the phantom limbs in the illusory realms that creeds create actually represents healthy disillusionment & maturity. Injuries in foreign lands or in romanticized learning help you communicate to the direct integrity of your own experience even if that means you’re temporarily tongue-tied in the language or lesson you’ve been practicing. 

That tube spitting colors into the air, your mouth or vessel’s fireworks and the trace its wisdom leaves behind—it benefits from relationship and witnessing of all the twinkling eyes of nature. Even if that means merging the naivete of its primary colors into a dark river first, your newborn knowledge eroticizes the birth of a new worldview’s awkwardness, and is a delight for all to see. 

This is nonsense written by a madman. Say something direct: You may find this full moon resonates with experiences you’re having in the realm of the higher mind, or the way you extend yourself spiritually, intellectually or geographically. Be mindful of how you handle yourself when you feel disillusioned by any endeavors of mind & spirit you engage with, and if you find yourself with a case of “think-itis”, remember that the answers are within.

art by Rachel of @_cosmic_creator_

CAPRICORN: When have you merged, or tried to sync up ecstatically with another, only to be squeezed by hardened boundaries? These edges may be of your own making or they may be a result of centuries of inheritance, but when multiple temples of your worth and your longing to intimately merge with another appear celestially in the sky with greedy tongues, you’re both drawn in & agonized. The intimacy you seek with the divine fire of whoever & whatever is beloved to you draws you toward that temple, but in your resistance there’s a part of you that’s squeezed in the guardian’s hand, finding a part of yourself bottlenecked. 

What is yours to share and what’s yours to give, take & pay back? Reflection on those questions may feel as that squeeze when in that vision you met the keepers of the temple of your worth, but the payoff is feeling the ecstatic space around that place of worth & worship, where the fine dust of the universe kisses your whole squeezed body and you recognize it as your lover’s embrace, a breakthrough after boundaries agony into seeing bliss’s every encircling possibility. 

This is nonsense written by a madman. Say something direct: Capricorn, during this full moon you may find themes of intimacy, merging & inheritances come to the fore. In this territory lurks death, rebirth & taxes, too. On top of that, Venus and Mars, eternal lovers, are in your sign. Surprises to yourself about your boundaries & your worth may appear to you. 

art by Rachel of @_cosmic_creator_

AQUARIUS: How do you adapt your vision of humanity’s greater good to the awareness of what’s being born now? What are your partnerships giving birth to? The wrath & insatiability of a dragon receding as a train track forever into the distance finally reaches a point of confrontation when meeting its partner face to face. Your vision for freedom & goodness, emerging from one mouth, matches with an orb of a birthing child in an egg shape, radiating out of your counterpart’s mouth. These inner creatures are formidable & drooling for connection, eyes locked on each other’s faces, and it would see, a partnered fight is at play. 

This is the work of the world—how do you adapt your visionary ideals to what’s already born? You and your partners, or friends, or beloveds, may or may not be aware of what you’re conceiving. But those drooling dragons nudge you toward astonishment at what’s born from your connection to what you hold dear moment by moment, and in your loving, to give numinous vision to the animal birth, and to give reptilian grit to your enlightened vision of the good. 

This is nonsense written by a madman. Say something direct: The place of close partners is highlighted for you this full moon, Aquarius. In the lure & focus of the other and the beloved, remember to ground within yourself. Much of this is about joining polar forces: heaven and earth, celestial & terrestrial, positive and negative, the unborn vision & the born & manifest. How do you let these realities dance instead of becoming stuck? That’s your challenge.

art by Rachel of @_cosmic_creator_

PISCES: The flow of things is important to you, something you’re naturally attuned to, and you’re asked to tune into the flow & pulse of blood, and the relationship of blood to bone. It’s as if a front tooth pops out onto the grass, causing tributaries of sacred blood to flow everywhere, wrap around everything & nourish the land. This bleeding connection to the tides, to life force, to menstruation, to passion & vitality, challenges you to tune Ito its vitalizing aspect. The blood that you lose in the liminal hours of falling asleep, waking up and going to the bathroom, talks to the ground & to the greater water, which talks back to you in turn. 

It’s not all loss, blood loss, loss of vitality- it’s you seeing the heartbeat in everything, you gaining your pulse, reclaiming your pulse from the red streams of the unseen. When the bloody rivers dry and you skate along them picking up the bones, you realize that nothing is truly lost, but rather discovered & encountered for its full extent. 

This is nonsense written by a madman. Say something direct: Your health, daily routine & service to others in your environment may emerge as a prominent theme during this full moon week, Pisces. Attend to your well-being by tuning into your fluids, remembering that “an empty well can share no water”—and, at the same time, celebrate how far you’ve come in all the creative places you’re serving right now. 

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