Shadow Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Aries (October 20th, 2021)

art by Wren Foxx

ARIES: This full moon you find yourself freely floating in a danger zone of exposed wires, or careening through the space of open wounds during surgery without anesthetics, or the raw bleeding edge of the memories taking you back to the glimpse of all the partners you’ve ever worshiped. These glimpses of partnership, and your efforts to furiously maintain your autonomy within them, color themselves as salons where worship and power dynamics are at play, and these images of bonding split into many vaginal fragments; shells out in space. Your quest for autonomy, and the peak of the awareness of where your relationships have brought you, leaves you groundlessly looking at all the scenes of partnership, as you face any pains of those experiences of coupling, friendship and anguish associated with aloneness. 

As you feel the deep void & yourself out there in space, you also see the potential within this new crisis of living between the shells of intimacy and aloneness. Yours is the challenge of discovering the freedom through transforming your relationship to both partnering & solitary life. As your environment seems to darken and you only see the stars as twinkling glimmers of formidable possibility, options & directions whose will it’s difficult to discern; as you feel might trip and fall at every turn, your task is to position yourself where you are in the cycle. A more profound and mature experience of autonomy is now born within you, and as the pioneer, you’re the one who has brought yourself here. 

This is nonsense spoken by a madman. To put it more plainly: 

*This full moon speaks to the central nervous system of your world view, immediate environment and path forward. Consider what you’re giving birth to or letting go of within your life circumstances, and see how you can honor the urges toward more freedom & space while also responding to outer changes with equanimity. 

*Honor any clarity about the impulse to lean into more personal autonomy within your relationships, communicating boundaries while softening to the other, and taking space to go inward as your moods all have their own time signature right now.

art by Wren Foxx

TAURUS. A hidden electric river now demands your attention to the obscure: one at the underside of a cliff, spitting out debris, dead birds & old treasures that you once valued and clung to obstinately, refusing to let go. It’s as if you awaken before morning caffeine with a nagging sensation that there’s a hidden cause, or a hidden piece of knowledge, or an irresistible urge to plunge back into your dream life, containing some sort of key. These inclinations and urges are the first step toward discovering what’s hidden about yourself from you. We all have blind spots, and this full moon calls into question what you think you know about yourself, your agency and your inner world. You love to have your material world ordered & controlled, but who knew there’s a whole reservoir of power underneath the most reliable, sturdy rocks of the canyon of your life? Who knew despite your constant attempts to hold on, there’s a constant catalyst to let go into the vitalizing flow on the underside? 

When you see this cascade, and let it inform your approach to how you order your daily reality, your health, rhythms of sleeping & waking and routine, if you can relax with it, you will find the relief & release that it’s your path to discover. Let your ideas of reality destabilize, soften, melt between states of consciousness. All of those rocks, mountains and monuments to the solid structures, to the pyramids you’ve so diligently built, will still be there—but now you’re discovering what’s most vital underneath it all, the currents transporting you through space and time into the creative release of dogmatic debris and the spewing forth of life force energy. 

This poet has gotten carried away. To say it more directly: 

*You may feel drawn to the freedom with your dream life this full moon. Honor any impulses to spend more time daydreaming or in visionary activities. 

*Notice what’s being born or anything you’re trying to let go of from the past that will make your daily routines flow with more ease. Is there a ‘thingy’ lurking in the background you can free yourself from to go forward?

art by Wren Foxx

GEMINI: Transforming wishes catch you this full moon, confronting you with unfamiliar territories. Part of you feels suspended in mid-air, flying toward your goals with your friends by your side. Another part of you is aware of any straitjackets you still wear, the residue of a conformist police state hovering over your dreams & your risky impulses. Floating up in the clouds ready to swan dive toward your wish, there’s a moment of queasiness while you ready yourself to rip off the suffocating vest that insults your dreams. You now live in the in-between space, the liminality between the sky of your goal’s promise and the underworld where the dirty work happens to make your goal manifest. A free-radical pioneer must look at the whole gestalt of the horizon, both the sky and the belly of the earth that accompanies the realization of a goal. Now that you feel a climactic urge toward taking the risk that’s built up inside you, it’s time to face that dark underbelly—everything you make a point of *not* aligning with your self-image asks for your acknowledgment & respect. 

To not acknowledge that the opposites, the doubts, the surveillance upon your hopes & dreams, also play a role through friction in helping you realize your goals in the first place, would be to ignore the fact that you carry a blind spot just as everyone does. What’s more, you, ever agile, are able to dip in & out of sky & underground, and dipping into the horizon of possibility before diving into the shadows of terror empowers you to pursue your intention from all vantage points. This full moon is a ripening of your ability to go everywhere to translate your goals into reality, even burrowing holes into the ground, the place that may feel most limiting at first, so that each perspective renders you on the frontiers of making unforeseen connections. 

This madman is intoxicated by poetry. Say it directly! 

*You may feel that this moon confronts you with hopeful ventures between you and your friends—either taking on a life of their own or letting go of them. 

*Consider how what feels liberating & forward about play & pleasure are transforming in your life right now. 

art by Wren Foxx

CANCER: You are one who knows how to help us all live together in society; who knows the rules and the markers of protection. And so when there’s an earth-shaking change afoot, you may be inclined to weaponize those rules just as another part of you eagerly, curiously moves toward the revolution of your whole career’s scaffolding. Part of you sees all the shells break and crumble; the pillars to high society collapse to the ground and you hear the echo of generations past as these pillars of salt topple over. The monuments of hierarchy that you once thought validated you are due for an overhaul, as is your perception of your own initiative to carry the torch of the new culture in every leadership role you play in life. 

Crucial during this full moon ripening is to become aware of the little people underground who carry lanterns, lighting the pathway of your life mission’s cultivation toward fresh forms. While there may be a temptation at first to cling to the old ways, or to forge a society among your colleagues, children & witnesses in the model of the past, this is a time to follow your instinct not to weaponize the codes of conduct in polite interaction. It’s a moment to embrace all the change and to know that the underworld itself, though a territory that may feel unfamiliar to you, is its own protective shell. On this moon, you can reframe your idea of what is a nurturing container, and you can do this by acknowledging that the hidden places, too, are valid spots to build a house; are respectable plots to build a platform to educate future generations. Maximize the opportunity to harness your place in the apocalyptic limelight to move the social conversation forward instead of fighting to resuscitate the past. 

This is all cryptic mediumship. Tell it to us in plain terms! 

*This full moon you may feel a ripening of some aspect of your career, or your role as a leader or as a parent, which could mean that you are in the spotlight or that it’s reflected back to you by your elders or your administration. 

*There’s a force trying to move you toward a more free, forward-moving, pleasurable aspect of your career & mission with the depth of integrity behind it. Can you embrace this call? What is being released & born in your career & life mission?

art by Wren Foxx

LEO. Self-love is one of your supreme virtues & resources, and it’s a lifelong adventure to learn the boundary between confidence & haughtiness. This full moon ripens your ability to embrace a new territory. You thought once that you knew the place you are landing on now, whether geographically, intellectually or spiritually. You thought you knew the answers, the systems, the paths. But there’s a peculiar silence in the middle of an empty, darkened clearing in a forest. A part of you sees wolves breathing fire, and inside the flames coming out of their mouths, question marks appear. What is coming into question for you? Within the word “question” is the word “quest” and as the Grail-seeker, quests & questions play crucial roles in your path, Leo. You are one at home with the gold, with the solar light, and to stumble upon this silent, unmapped nighttime ground all by yourself, not knowing where you are, raises an overwhelming number of questions. What’s more, seeing these other beasts mirroring your animality back to you, breathing your element, may at first feel like an identity threat: can you see the potency of your self-expressive powers equally as strong when other creatures display the substance of your expression themselves? 

This may all feel quite humbling, and though you’re a lion, you may feel inclined to howl along with those wolves whether or not fire comes out of you. But the humility is part of this journey: this new clearing you’ve discovered wants to humble you to it. Part of the grail quest is arriving and asking the questions that are on your mind instead of pretending to know the answers, and learning from other creatures. You may think you’re alone, but there are others there able to mirror the stuff of your creative fire back to you. You may think they’re stealing your expression, but they’re actually revealing your abilities to you in a dimension of heat, heart & light that you never dreamed possible— if only you soften yourself, your beliefs and your presumed knowledge enough to listen. 

These are all flights of fancy. Tell it to us plainly! 

*This full moon you may find yourself in a crisis of knowledge, or that your emotions about what ideas or places mean to you run very high. Notice the possibilities of forward action that arise in your mind while also perhaps hanging out in the space of not-knowing before making hasty choices. 

*Alternately, what new confidence in your ideas or in your capacity to expand your horizons & travel is born during this full moon? The crisis may be felt more as a turning point, as the turning of a page onto a new map, with other languages for living or creative landscapes to explore, as long as you listen. 

art by Wren Foxx

VIRGO. Memories and secrets burn sometimes. This heat may feel especially uncomfortable to parts of you that want to control your reality. On this full moon, a part of your inner landscape sees shutters close upon a room with a constant hum, in which you see shadows of murky memories while you huddle under your research desk, trying to protect yourself from the sounds of the past’s inconvenient secrets that are somehow still merged with your primal existence. The specters of sex, death and money set to pursue you like hungry children, and this is all in the environment where you thought you’d have the most control, where you’ve made every effort to make it tidy. It’s ironically in the environment where you’ve tried to exert the most control where the most pain happens, and this moon tries to propel you outside, to discover the freedom within moving between the extreme temperatures of hot and cold. 

If you’re willing, it’s possible to glimpse this freedom in the uncontrolled space, stepping out of that micromanaged office out into the open field: it’s the feeling of standing in silent snow that shows you a sharp contrast from the agony of that regimented, claustrophobic room you were in before. It’s not without pain, but there’s respite, an ability to hear and discern; to see the extremities for what they are within the spacious silence. Part of this spaciousness, too, is knowing you’re not limited to one habitat, when a part of you enters a fiery vortex, leaning headfirst completely into a flaming gyre. If you allow yourself to air out, to leave that controlled space, you discover you can move between that open field and that fire; you can listen to those burning secrets telling you about your money, your jealousies and your desires in your full power, releasing into the embodiment of the connection-maker that you are. 

This is all self-indulgent wishy-washy poetry. Tell us something we can use! 

*You may find yourself confronted this full moon with an awareness of what you share with others: money, sex, or anything profoundly “shared.” Can you exercise strong care for your emotions, giving yourself plenty of space to feel without trying to micromanage everything? 

*What are you giving birth to or letting go of in your shared physical or emotional resources and how can this be a celebratory, freeing experience for you?

art by Wren Foxx

LIBRA. When the space around you and your beloved, or you and your inner partner feels too small, arguments arise. You feel the walls closing in on you, or other walls erecting between you until the craving for the counter-energy to all of this—space & freedom–is so strong that you’d willingly break it all down to help you both experience more sanity together. This full moon ripens your ability to notice when the space that connects you to your love, to yourself, to your passionate subject, only allows for a closed feedback loop that causes you to trip over each other’s arguments. You notice how your bodies become extensions of a container for connection that’s become too old and self-enclosed, demanding to open out into a new horizon. What you give birth to is the busting-open of the walls that only give intimacy a perilous road.

When you’re opened out into space, it may be scary, but there’s so much more room for autonomy, and you suddenly see yourself as an elderly lovers, extending your feet toward the sky as flames shoot out of the soles. This is the release of your vitality that had been trapped, and the climax on this full moon is feeling a full realization of your need to express the fire of your own life within plenty of space. You can gaze upon the other, or the friend, or the subject matter, while you do this, but the birth is of your own spaciousness & freedom in the presence of the other. Fire shoots out of your feet into a receptive sky, and though it’s painful for those mutually enclosing walls to come down, a key component of intimacy is learning autonomy, and a key component of autonomy within partnership is knowing how to extend well-wishes to the other on their journey while you’re there with them, celebrating each of your capacities for pleasure & achievement. 

This is nonsense spoken by a mad poet. Say it to us plainly! 

*This full moon may raise the awareness of any emotional space within close friendships or partnerships that may feel too stuffy or claustrophobic, where you feel you need to claim your space more. 

*Or in your own life, it may remind you of those friendships & partnerships that feel truly urgent and vital for you, that open your heart into space and open the energy centers in your body, and it’s a call to honor those relationships by nourishing the level of liberation that they open up within you.

art by Wren Foxx

SCORPIO: Bloodthirstiness isn’t a foreign feeling to you as someone Mars & Pluto-ruled, and a part of your path involves learning to ride the bloodthirsty passions of anger, lust, desire and revenge, transforming them into an awareness of your life force. On this full moon, a climactic echo of your bloodthirsty desire to control your day’s schedule, pattern and order of eating, working & resting splashes over your awareness. Everything in your day runs—the ink runs, the blood overflows, the nutrients and crumbs of the food pile up & overflow, rubbing up against your instinct to wield power over it all. This represents a ripening of your discernment over where true power comes right now: the power of your will, exerting effort & force over the creation of your routine & rituals, or the power of your ability to surrender. 

You possess both of these components of power in large measure, and when things overflow, running into your time-pattern as messes & spills, how to you react? Which octave of your power do you sound into the world? Imagine these aspects of power—will and surrender— as two sides of a river, appearing as elemental forces the way sides of a body of water appeared many millennia ago, when the holistic pattern of your powers originated. Imagine these two sides of the river merge into the shape of a serpent’s head, with you as the serpent, your tongue sticking out. Or, perhaps you’re not the serpent but you gaze upon it as an observer, tempted, knowing that a skillful merging with the serpent’s invitation leads you to harness your life force in a way that you’re called upon to do. Whether you bite or yield, this full moon is a climax of your ability to discern when you use each of those powers, doing so with mindful discretion, with plenty of respect for your messes. 

This is archaic poetic drivel. Tell it to us in plain language! 

*This moon my confront you with an urgency around your daily schedule, the cycles of your physical body or diet. What can you let go of within your schedule that will bring you more freedom?

*What has been born within your daily rituals or work, play, food, and rest that has taken on a life of its own? How do you now exert your power in relationship to it?

art by Wren Foxx

SAGITTARIUS: You love the adventure, and on this full moon you glimpse the leap into the farthest tundra, feeling all warmth & cold of your friends, lovers, & those who remind you of the youngest parts of yourself. The part of you that loves to overspend, take gambles on the journey, and engage in questionable bargains appears for full counsel on this lunation. What is your expression of the leap into a creative excursion or love affair? Everyone you’ve ever friended, partied or hooked up with appears around you as skipping giraffes, showing you the quests both into the desert and the frost, inviting you to gallop with them into the landscapes of this risky part of yourself. 

When you gaze down into the drop-offs of the bad bargains, what do you see? You are one to say “damn the consequences!,” moving to a foreign land of complete strangers and no income, living it up—and what creative fire can you make of the lore surrounding you; the lore of the ‘one who gambles’? There are the folk tales with gnomes who show up making deals, forcing the “you” in that story to give away their first-born child. Though you love the interstellar flights of fancy and the horizon of future, what can you make of these past consequences in the name of your future creativity? Can you gaze into the abyss, beyond both the desert and the tundra, and venture into the territory of ‘overdoing it’, of bargaining too hastily, of gambling too compulsively—can you gaze into these excesses consciously, knowing that the creative adventure will come from your past experiences of doing this, and that in the process of coming to this awareness, you discover your autonomous horizon through a conscious, creative exploration of those consequences? 

This is a rambling drunken attempt at poetry. But what actually happens? 

*This full moon you might feel a ripening of recreational experiences, or of your urges toward artistic inspiration in a way that harnesses past risks you’ve taken. Can you embrace all the choices you’ve made, even the mistakes, as grist for the mill of your creativity now? 

*How can you therapeutically honor any reckless parts of yourself that you’ve shut down for a long time, thanking them for wanting you to feel good, while also heeding the voices of caution? What can you create and express socially and pleasurably through this?

art by Wren Foxx

CAPRICORN: There are seasons when ambition reaches a peak, but all within a sheltered, private, quiet container. This full moon there’s a part of you that feels the zeal for climbing and for always more, to heighten the scaffolding and renovate the ceilings even higher up. The emissaries of this ambition, the warriors from ancient times, crash into your home carrying torches enlisting people for the draft. Some deep bottomless craving for more and more whirls around in the members of your home, or your inner beings, who are as the wife in that Grimm tale, The Fisherman and his Wife tale—wanting a mansion, then wanting a palace, then wanting to be the emperor, and then wanting to rule the sun, moon & stars, then wanting to be God. 

We know from the tale that this ambition unravels the fisherman’s wife, as the vessel for our existence can’t expand that much when it becomes too proud. Try to expand the shelter, the container, into a too-high and all-powerful edifice and we end up placed back into humble situations where we learn to appreciate what we already have.  A giant fork scrapes away at our pride, at our blind ambition, when it becomes too lofty, striving to make us appreciate the dense borders & textures of our material reality as we know it. Can we appreciate what we have to eat, and the smooth, solid utensils with which we eat it, so that we are not eaten ourselves? So, too, appreciate your emotional body, the vessel in which you have the freedom to think and feel, and appreciate your shelters for what they are—this full moon, you have the opportunity to expand from where you are and transform a blinding drive for more into an appreciation for the space you inhabit and a discernment of what within your inner & outer shelters you can consciously, mindfully expand. 

This is nonsense spoken by a madman. Tell it to us directly! 

*You might find domestic themes, or more private emotional themes, arising during this full moon. What are you giving birth to within your home or in your private emotional life, or releasing entirely, to accept yourself where you are?

art by Wren Foxx

AQUARIUS: Sometimes when you and your siblings all have different ideas of the best ways to live & work as a human collective, gossip & rivalries ensue. When these dynamics aren’t emotionally acknowledged, they become bloodbaths, full of intellectual back-biting & callous remarks. It’s as if part of you and your inner & outer siblings are as toddlers playing at the top of a church, seen through a stained glass window competing to see who will be the best & chosen to lead the sermons. Whose ideas of ‘rightness’ do these compulsions to compete and one-up each other serve? In the village where you and your siblings live and ingest ideas, many steeples ascend toward the sky, and rays shoot out of them horizontally, connecting each other. These rays of light, while piercing each other & intermingling, constellate mandalas of electricity, circles of light all around the city. 

It’s as if the incubator for the most petty rivalries between you and your peers are also the incubators for the most vital sacred information to illuminate the whole village around you. This full moon represents an opportunity to check the spirit level of how you articulate your beliefs, and how your words & ideas become mobile, agile in conversation, between you and your brethren. Can you acknowledge any undercurrents of competition or argument without feeling a reactive instinct, without the compulsion to retaliate? Such agility creates the basis for the discourse between all of you to illuminate entire villages, to make you see the numinous orbs around all of you, each in their own way portals toward you & your kin doing your work toward a better coexistence of the species. 

These cryptic words make no sense! Tell it to us plainly! 

*This full moon information and ideas may play a large role in what you put out into the world and how you feel about it. You may feel that your ideas or knowledge are placed the limelight by your peers, or that you’re called to travel and make connections between different pieces of information or geographic locations. 

*What are you letting go of or what are you letting take on a life of its own, in your relationship with your kin and with the places & ideas you connect to each other?

art by Wren Foxx

PISCES: The flickering & dissolving of circumstances in your life are processes familiar to you as the representative of the total dissolve of consciousness into the cosmic ocean. You’re an embodiment of the quote “You’re not a drop into the ocean; you’re the entire ocean in a drop.” This full moon in Aries is, in a way, the contrapuntal energy to that one which characterizes you, as Aries and the full moon both symbolize birth & release: when an entity births into its own living pattern, separate from the human womb or the cosmic womb. As one at home with the cosmic wombs, you’re one who holds the adventure of continuously visiting the borderlines between birth into solid form and dissolving into vast essence. 

This full moon brings such an adventure through the lens of your material resources: it’s as if on a deep, murky sea, underwater, a treasure chest appears which is all of your money & possessions compressed into one box. You want the box to open into ever-expansive vastness, the human side of you craving continuous abundance & security. The box appears in full solidity to dissolve & disappear moments later. From another vantage point, you hold this precious box under flickering archways. Remember,  though the human part of you continuously wants your money & possessions to expand into ever-increasing abundance, the true embrace of your vastness comes with leaning into the flickering gestalt of the whole process of form & formlessness. Now is a time to call upon your full flexibility and own it as your strength: step into the full form of your resourcefulness one moment and embrace the freedom of giving away in the next, knowing that neither is permanent. 

Can we finally have a piece of advice  or a warning to grab onto, or something uplifting? Tell it to us in simple language! 

*You may find that this full moon a focus on your money or your material resources or possessions comes into play, compelling you to release clutter or to recognize any urgency around what you truly need. 

*Remember to honor yourself and your worth. 

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