World Shadow Horoscope, November 25th, 2020

November 25th- Divine wrath rushes in, creating tension and release within our contorted human forms. Sores from lip-biting, aches and agonies of the chest, growls of boundary-asserting, territorial rage, fill and empty large circles into which we leap. Our implosive and explosive twists of limb are seen from the go-getters above who, unattached to their own faces, jump out of airplanes and charge their heads through high-story glass windows.

There’s little desire to leave the ground altogether, but there’s a satellite push toward flight. Digging a circle in the earth, a host of fireflies greets us, entering our being through the throat. In the buzzes and tingles and surges of firelight, the impulse to spiral up among the stars crafts itself within us, enacting our values from another view, the anger but the seed of this inner action. The ground is nice to walk and sit on, but it can be great to leave it every now and then, too. Whoosh!

-World Shadow Horoscope, November 25th, 2020

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