World Shadow Horoscope, November 18th, 2020

November 18th- Heart’s blood and fossils go hand in hand, as threats of extinction pervade our minds. We’re of three essences today: warriors eager to expand into new territory, stern elders counseling the rash heroes on jagged rocks, and darkened T-Rex skeletons. The day is both a warning and an echo of celebrated species through time showing us a trail of where our impulses might lead. The thought of becoming dinosaurs feels severe, but the deeper meaning of ‘the fossil’ comes to us, rescued from the feelings of lack, limitation and doubt into an emblem of trail-marking integrity.

The dinosaurs lie down—in fact, ourselves from deep in the past and in a parallel time—and lay out a trail of fossils each etched with molds of human hearts. “Your vitality and love flow through this shape,” we hear a voice whisper. There’s a pulsating warmth sustained by the engraved hearts in this trail. And when we feel it, our red joints, chapped lips and heavy doubts are miraculously lifted by a counter-support within the gravestones, births and dreams of all the people and places we’ve ever loved and thought we’ve lost.

-World Shadow Horoscope, November 18th, 2020

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