Mars Stations Direct: Questions for Reflection & Journaling

Mars- the warrior, the adventurer, and the pioneer- has now launched forward after moving retrograde since September 9th. We’re likely to feel a shift into a new kind of momentum, almost as if we’re being pushed. Things that had been delayed for the last two months or so now gain a sudden boost of forward motion. Here are some questions it might be helpful to journal/reflect upon, if you can find a moment to yourself while we’re being fast-tracked:

-What was delayed in my life since September 9th that now feels momentum to move forward? To what extent does this forward motion reflect impulsive restlessness and to what extent does it reflect my true personal freedom?

-What in my life has been preparing to launch since the beginning of September or longer, and am I ready to take the leap after these months finding the lay of the land? Based on my explorations over this time, what sort of encouragement would it be helpful to give myself?

-Does the current push forward reflect what I want? If not, is there a course adjustment I can afford to make, or is it more about reframing the way I see the situation?

-Do I feel a sudden push into action? To what extent is a moment of stillness and clarity possible to embrace strength and confidence before launching?

-What have I learned within the last couple of months about my relationship to anger and finding a safe container for its release?

-Has another area of my life come to the surface within the last couple of months that has nourished me in a different way, balancing the way I express the intention to move forward?

-What inner muscles have relaxed in the last two months and what muscles have flexed themselves more? What muscle of inner intent feels that it’s naturally trying to flex itself now, and how can I trust it?

-Where is my drive flowing? Where is my libido going?

Look to where mars is going direct by sign and house position in your chart and ask yourself in what way this area of your life is launching you in a new form. Also look to your natal Mars position, and feel how this time gives more fuel to your natural style of momentum. If you’re curious about what this means and how to make the most of it, consider booking me for a consultation!

Published by Mythopoetic Astrology

Nate Speare is an astrologer, vocal artist, storyteller, mythologist, and educator. He comes from a line of astrologers and sound/music composers who used natural environmental sounds and the connection between sound, the natural environment, and the characters within the earth and sky. He offers consulting sessions, writes essays, tells stories and uses his voice in videos and live performance as an active representative of the world to re-ignite a sense of magic in every client. It is his aim to connect each person to the idea that they are not blank slates, but that they entered the world with their own "daimon" and irreplaceable style of talented genius with inspiring and definite directions in life. As an astrologer, Nate has studied under Jungian psychological and evolutionary astrologer Montgomery Taylor, and is influenced by Archetypal, Shamanic and Renaissance schools of astrology. Nate directs Mythopoetic Astrology, a consulting practice that integrates experiential therapy of astrology through Astro-Drama, voice, sonic art and client consulting. His teaching credits include Salem Summer Symposium (Massachusetts) Myth and Theatre Festival (France), and Jung Institute NYC. Nate is a collaborator of PanTheatre, the France-based cultural organization that researches the relationship between contemporary performance, mythology, and the archetypal psychology of James Hillman, the company's Honorary President. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, where he is also the co-artistic director of Nekyia Theatre.

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