Full Moon in Taurus & The Week of 10/26/2020

It’s the kind of week when you fight with your lover and then process it all by chewing on a hunk of sugar cane and gathering dusty portraits of ancestors. It’s a week when shadowy surgeons creep up behind you evaluating how you treat your loved ones, how you approach important subject matter, how you measure up to the values of your own organs of desire. 

We may, in moments, feel back-stabbed by a lack of reciprocity, or by our failure to meet our own standards of making passions visible and relating to others in a loving way. “Why aren’t they serenading me and pouring all their resources forth in a spontaneous burst of love? Why did I just say that cruel, sadistic thing and remind that person how much they owe me? I’d never do that!” But with a full moon on Saturday conjunct Uranus in sensual Taurus, the emotional lessons of the week aren’t only there for a spook factor. They’re rather gearing us toward a revolution of the body’s erotic values. 

Saturday’s full moon announces itself like a mafia messenger, or a quiet assassin walking through a bright door at the end of a dark corridor. This messenger wishes us no harm, but enters the scene to spill the truth about how our values communicate to ourselves and our loved ones, and to what extent we’re honoring our most volatile desires. The front of his pants, which we mistake for a crotch bulge, opens, and a bunch of cash bursts out, falling to the ground. While it’s tempting to interpret this as only the subconscious rolling its eyes about money worries or sexual hangups, the full moon carries subtler messages about shared energy, sex, death, and rejuvenation of resources. If the messenger behind the moon in that alley could speak, it might say, “the money spilling out of my pants is money lost and money found. Your true values communicate unconsciously, sometimes in ways that are surprising to you, and sometimes even in spite of your will. What do you want to show and give?”  

It’s Venus who carries the week into themes of value, worth, sensuality and relationship. Just as this full moon embodies her native sign of Taurus, so too does Venus now dance through her other native sign of Libra. Taurus wants to receive and build upon joy from the earthy reservoir of timeless delights. Libra wants to design classically beautiful structures with an architect’s eye, and facilitate balance in partnership. They find common ground in their valuing of *quality*—which includes opening up to ‘quality time’ with people who bring us joy and whose primary love language consists of spending time together. 

With Uranus’ presence, our experiences of quality this week are both foam-born and fiery. The walk, the gift, the meal, the bath, and the bedroom, bring with them the impatient sky-god, from whom Venus was born in a heroic feat that saved pleasure-bodies from their creator’s impatience. Those daily pleasures also bring the slowly burning, life-sustaining warmth brought to us by Prometheus when he stole fire. That means there are restless, transgressive, cunning, resilient and liberated qualities to this kind of quality time. Equally, that messenger-assassin stepping through a light at the end of the alley spilling cash out of his groin—the meeting of Taurus and Scorpio on Saturday’s full moon—creepily and cryptically encourages us to meet our desirous impulses and each other with patience, underscoring the importance of letting the raging “I wants”  gradually stretch from the inside out, creating an inner heat we can then breathe into our environmental, financial and intimate life. 

The art of the week lies in discerning the difference between manically thrusting our values and desires forward, and internally honoring the generous yearning to give of our life force, letting it cook in the heart’s oven so that it’s mutually enjoyed with just the right crisp. On one level, old taskmaster Saturn urges us to exercise the restraint necessary to craft that inner heat with which we find ourselves and each other through the changes. In another sense, wild card Uranus, the liberator, stands next to the full moon ready to shake us up with sudden change. Can we craft the internal fire of desire carefully, patiently, while also listening to the rhythm that edges us to release into the unexpected? Can we meet the volatility of change with emboldened patience? Can we meet the financial and relational plot twists with the strength of interior heat? Can we meet others’ desires with an open mind?

This won’t necessarily be an easy dynamic to hold, but by stepping through the light and letting others meet us, not blocking their ability to meet halfway by insensitively shoving our own cares into their path, there’s an opportunity for the kind of relationship that opens up many timelines of survival, ecstasy and devoted love.

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