World Shadow Horoscope, September 15th, 2020

September 15th, with Venus square Uranus, finds us in a dual awareness: on the one hand, a glowing recognition of the light we’ve each carried within and around ourselves throughout time, and on the other, a keen perception of the nearby beast. A roaring, writhing lion at first struts proudly, dancing in self-celebration unimpeded by doubt—that is, until the winds and bolts of change strike its mane. The lion dances into a cave that’s quickly drenched by a torrential downpour.

It’s hard to tell in which moment we’re our human selves observing that celebratory dance, when we’ve gone full lion, and when we’re the rainstorm. But at a certain point, it all comes together and in our carnal glory, a dance of vulnerability takes hold. As the now sniveling, trembling lions, we strive with all our might to hold steady the roof of that cave, quickly eroding through the force of the rain-turn-hail. The mud slips through our finger-paws and our wretched temper tantrum slices through the apparent solidity of minutes and hours.

Little did we know, we weren’t really fighting to hold up what we know is on its way to irreversible change. We were rather training ourselves to instantly find resilience; to be able to celebrate who we’ve been in any given moment of our lives; to see each of the fragments of our pasts equally in their status as reservoirs of strength and uplift. Then the ferocious change includes the fabulousness of our past and present, and while we’re part clunky beasts impeded by awkward drivenness, now we are also as shapeshifting angels, dancing and suspended, above a wingspan of fire.

Published by Mythopoetic Astrology

Nate Speare is an astrologer, vocal artist, storyteller, mythologist, and educator. He comes from a line of astrologers and sound/music composers who used natural environmental sounds and the connection between sound, the natural environment, and the characters within the earth and sky. He offers consulting sessions, writes essays, tells stories and uses his voice in videos and live performance as an active representative of the world to re-ignite a sense of magic in every client. It is his aim to connect each person to the idea that they are not blank slates, but that they entered the world with their own "daimon" and irreplaceable style of talented genius with inspiring and definite directions in life. As an astrologer, Nate has studied under Jungian psychological and evolutionary astrologer Montgomery Taylor, and is influenced by Archetypal, Shamanic and Renaissance schools of astrology. Nate directs Mythopoetic Astrology, a consulting practice that integrates experiential therapy of astrology through Astro-Drama, voice, sonic art and client consulting. His teaching credits include Salem Summer Symposium (Massachusetts) Myth and Theatre Festival (France), and Jung Institute NYC. Nate is a collaborator of PanTheatre, the France-based cultural organization that researches the relationship between contemporary performance, mythology, and the archetypal psychology of James Hillman, the company's Honorary President. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, where he is also the co-artistic director of Nekyia Theatre.

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