World Shadow Horoscope, October 24th, 2020

October 24th, the world wakes up jeering, laughing and frolicking in sunlight before it occurs to everyone that they’re celebrating in a cacophony of different languages. Many tongues are uttered cheerfully, but without being understood—the day is incomprehensible with yearning for communication. Lovers and beloveds stand together in an embrace, but below them they’re dimly aware of a giant tunnel blurring their atmosphere, darkening their devotion, rendering it out-of-focus. The whacky syllables and awkward spasms, today’s utterances of the love act, are pulled down and submerged in this smoky, obscured cave of uncertainty.

Here is where the adventure lies: the laughing, orgasmic celebration just before the whoosh into the cavern of that which is beyond knowledge. The fall happens with the lovers still whispering in ancient idioms longing to understand each other. In the ‘large mansion on the ranch’ version of the story, one partner has just learned a new language the other cannot even hear, and the one’s new awareness impacts the course of their entire lives to come. It’s the other’s challenge to emerge through and from the blurry cloud of ignorance.

When a white dragon’s head appears in the sky and unravels its tongue as a ladder in front of our eyes, the slope of its salivary glands reveals to us an archive of every language in hieroglyphics. “Here be the portals to understanding every idiom,” it says.

“Climb up the ladder, and when you get to my uvula, there’s a bell that wakes up the whole world,” it says. “Today, each person needs to see the value of every language without getting distracted by them. Pay attention to the bell of my uvula that will wake the world up anew. Know that the fall the beloved took into that dark cave, away from their lover, was but the first noble attempt at this awakening—you don’t need to fall down my throat this time.”

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