World Shadow Horoscope, June 20th, 2020

June 20th, as the status quo gets zapped like a potbellied connoisseur of laziness in an electric chair, our busy minds whirl around each other, each one thinking they’re on the ultimate happy-juice & that only they can deliver the essential hot take. Looking out the window, our minds are really more like the cars and buses spinning around leaving skid marks on the street, the drunkards blowing proclamations through their lips standing in the sunroofs as their once-dignified grandfathers convert to anarchy behind the steering wheel. Diplomats, eager to party and shoot themselves into outer space, gather round a table, prematurely integrating all the voices into one presumed compromise: how can we diplomatically, as a species, find the right terrain toward revolutionizing human values? The question is more important than the answer right now, and the counselors who burst into dark stardust in their seats couldn’t handle the pressure. They’re not like the rest of us: we will endure and heal through fulfilling our duty to radicalize the values of the material plane.

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