World Shadow Horoscope, July 5th, 2020

July 5th, knife-throwers hit large dirt mounds with their rolling daggers that whistle in the air and release hundreds of butterflies after the dusty old ridges crumble. The foundations of our leaders’ bad dreams, where messes and inconsistencies show and shine in the light, expose themselves, and through opening, our transformed selves emerge ready to fly. This doesn’t mean it’s easy: watching corruption die and experiencing corruption as burning questions and ruthless, scathing self-interrogation doesn’t feel like flying in a state of transformed liberation, but a simultaneity occurs, allowing us to hold the tension between past toxicities and timeless songs to the world. Visions of the ruthless knife-thrower prod at our emotional hotspots, paradoxically saving us from writhing in agony for too long by demolishing the selfish pedestals. The collapsing buildings and new environmental scans, the dance of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus leaping forward and back, boil the spirit-blood, blazing the trails of human craftsmanship—now in a dark womb, soon apparent.

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