World Shadow Horoscope, July 4th, 2020 (Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn)

July 4th, lunar eclipse in Capricorn, our urge to somersault down the muddy paths and land in a swimming pool clashes with the need to stay close to a cozy hearth’s sacred flame. Rolling through the hills on a warthog’s back, our steed sniffing the town square with cheerful abandon, we’re eager to see the whole world and to be the figureheads of newly discovered liberty, joy and justice. Monuments to abusers dissolve, burn or topple over in floods. But just as we think we’re only innocently swimming in a pool, ambiguous phantoms with lack of clear moral boundaries plunge toward us from behind carrying spears, and we suddenly need to seek the protection of exquisite goddess Vesta. Stay next to the inner fire, she gently but firmly warns us. Out there it’s volatile. It doesn’t mean cannonballs into the refreshing water were mistakes; only that further contemplation of the inner flame is necessary to establish clear counsel, vigorous life force, and rejuvenation powers that transcend the daggers chasing each other’s backs.

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