World Shadow Horoscope, July 28th, 2020

July 28th, scorpio moon & more, we see there’s a fine line between the moods of fire and ice, between the hells of the subtropic and of cold queendom. Brooding, perhaps vengeful, perhaps paranoid, we circumambulate a circle that spirals into a frigid abyss: the center of a bullethole, or a double agent for the primal horde, its anchor and its bottomless dark.

It’s tempting today for this center to be bitter words, deceptive flattery, phone gossip, or numbing pills. Surveillance encircles our brain space, and we want either the full scoop or a full-stop exit, nothing in between.

Though we may feel brittle, icy & inflexible, a guiding spirit exists within and around us, saying, “it’s time to bend back and screech at the sun.” Doing this, we find our limbs laced with ice extending into the sky. The ice cracks and our limbs reveal themselves as shafts of light, as in realizing we’re many-armed god forms. We glimpse black cells thriving within these rays.

The way through the bitterness and brittleness is precisely in that many-armed light’s breaking of the ice, revealing the nourishing cellular dance we all are. Not condemned to infomania or escape, we move like cells with no need of protection through our existence within light itself.

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