World Shadow Horoscope, July 21st, 2020

July 21, a spiky angel, with thorns growing out of its being, goes to sleep next to us on floating carpets surrounded by dark clouds. The daunting task before us is tempered by the angel’s patient attitude—as we tremble at the doubt about self and other cast by the clouds, the angel lets us nest and discover what we need to learn. “I’m the messenger,” he says. The task is to stand up, our bodies bisecting the cloud’s gray expanse, proclaiming what the Individual of the present time needs to be. This vertical impulse disrupts the dense pessimism in which we’ve been tempted to shelter. After giving us our own thorns, which help us build immunity as we grow past that dark sun of melancholy’s nest, the thorny angel lets us fly on its back, revealing that it’s possible to glide through the ominous doubt about the structures that once nourished us, and upon doing so, we will emerge as glorious pillars of rejuvenated values intersecting the past’s tenderness and lunacy.

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