World Shadow Horoscope, August 5th, 2020

August 5th, with the moon entering Pisces and mercury entering Leo, there are overwhelming vaults of creativity containing tear-stained gold that nobody seems to want. With nobody busting open the secret safes or finding their creative gold worthy of theft, those reservoirs of riches want nothing but to spit them all out.

Today’s pain is of lions getting drunk and bloodying themselves with their own roaring fangs—if they spoke English, they’d say, “bloody hell!” before running off, sulking, vomiting while slurring out confessions of their sins under a searchlight. It’s as when having too few or too many beers, there’s a feeling of a hole in your chest that does nothing but rot everything else around it—the pancreas and liver heavy in their mutual isolation.

But the awareness brought to these pains of the gold-in-the-dark—the self-pitying procrastination, the hero’s delay of inevitably answering the call—contains the seed of a purging effect on the heart.

Think of your heart’s front and back surfaces. Think of it being shaken up and down, side to side, purified of family curses and grief. Think of it encased, as in a cosmic car wash, with nobody else to make its feelings visible.

It’s through the longing constellated within this isolation that the heart comes to know its readiness, nobility and strength. Like it or not, the imagining of others and of our love for self & other, can occasionally be catalyzed by a tiny touch of bitter. Thus do our hearts emerge today valiant, cleansed from their raging, victimized confinement ready to grow up (and grow down) with all the other hearts once again.

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