World Shadow Horoscope, August 4th, 2020

August 4th, with Mars squaring Jupiter, a mutant hen-owl with blazing, severe eyes looks upon us mortals from mountain ridges exclaiming that the situation is dire but there’s no need to panic. “Panicking and rejoicing are two sides of the same coin, too-hoo, tee-hee!”

A view of the ground reveals the world’s impulses as men laced in blood, shields and knight’s helmets, clashing spears together and shouting at each other. At the end of each collision, those knights melt into a huddle like a snuggling family.

Today’s possibilities are bursting, bloody, with the occasional splash, fanfare and ambiguous boundaries between agony and celebration. One knight mounts a platform, holding mead in one hand singing a victory song; others’ spears fall with their tears.

The sovereign leaders look upon their warriors sweating bullets under an impossible pressure to answer an irreconcilable tension: championing the individual passions on the one hand and upholding the balanced powers necessary to create civilization on the other.

But we are more than the extremes of following our wants or being loyal to a past foundation-there’s a middle way that lets the inner head of state sweat out the anger, release, and know that those spears clash finally because of their love for the sharp friction of differentiated souls coming together.

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