World Shadow Horoscope, August 30th, 2020

August 30th, with the moon squaring Uranus and mercury opposition Neptune, a scroll appears in a sky-patch with a black cord dangling and multiplying itself. This scroll represents a message etching itself into our being, making itself known progressively with every heartbeat in which we hold our attention on it.

It’s a message demanding a response & conversation; demanding that we feel the adventurous flows of life from the thuds of our predictable egos on the ground out to the vaporous, starry sources of vision in the sky.

On the ground, undertowed nurses drop hospital instruments. Floors and care-beds collapse. Vials leak bodily fluids. Chemicals burn through artificial surfaces in one instant, then vaporize and encircle the celestial scroll in the next. Amid the tumult, all lights flash on and off, and as if electricity vanishes, the daily sources of what we usually consider ‘light’ go dark.

The essential message of today comes from sniffing, touching, hearing and barking, meowing and screeching at the hidden corners. While the eyes can’t see the usual light-bearing guideposts, the other senses, including inner and secret ones, know and heed the call.

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