World Shadow Horoscope, August 2nd, 2020

August 2nd, as the moon turns to Aquarius and prepares to grow full, the human consciousness finds itself swimming toward underwater palaces laced in psychedelic colors, with roaring noises coming from the inside in slow motion.

Forsaking the pitch darkness of the water behind us, we open these castle doors and the guards topple over onto the floor. Regal lions throw temper tantrums inside, their faces changing from green to red to blue and back again.

“Why must all of my things be destroyed?!” we hear in satanic voices, in fact the righteousness of the hero thinking it’s entitled to hold onto its current location, achievements and security systems.

The stones of the palace fall, crumbling to the ocean floor, and the force of the collapsing structure blows back the lion’s mane. The trail of shields and coats of arms is exquisite.

We hear whispers around a round table of leaked governmental secrets. Tears spill over documents with the letterheads of monarchies, dictatorships, and oligarchies, all breaking into cubist component parts.

Eating the squid and the rainbow crustaceans is licking our wounds before facing new structures that support the hero’s expressivity. There’s one invincible octopus down there, dreaming and changing colors.

“Dream,” the octopus whispers. “Dream because what you see now is not the only way that it can be.” To swim through the dream and to dream through the waters—onward!

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