World Shadow Horoscope, August 13th, 2020

August 13th, with Mars squaring Pluto, a sneaky spy with gangly fingers hides behind a black curtain and fires a silent gunshot. It stirs our anger and alertness: did we just hear that? Are we being gaslit?

In our dreams, noble-hearted pioneers coughing up oil, discovering their oily darkness for the first time, show up asking for help. It’s not clear if we’re patient or compassionate enough yet, as the fantasies of angry sex in new lands and the obsessive war preparations conquer the mindscape. Discovering oil in surprising places, though, contains a gift: where did that come from? The element of surprise is a blessing if we know how to listen not with the linear mind.

Rather than trapping this feral animal in a corner, agitating it more, better to use all of the inner and outer senses to listen to what it has to say. In this case, the act of listening itself, with lower brain and inner ears, *is* the strength of survival.

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