World Horoscope, September 4th, 2020

September 4th, as the moon crawls through the beginning of its waning cycle, it meets Chiron, the wounded healer. The choir of planets and asteroids stridently sing, “Clear the grounds! Get your houses in order!” Heeding their emphasis on healing, clearing out and service over the next couple of days will help us to cultivate the emotional clarity needed to move forward.

The practice of clearing, in this context, refers to both clearing the grounds on which we stand in our home environments and clearing out the inessential noise from our current priorities. If Virgo season has so far overwhelmed the channel, spread our schedule and energy thin through a perceived obligation to pursue perfection and not let others down, then now is the time to embrace imperfection by clearing away the pressure of excess demands. Contact with others today can either aggravate and re-trigger old wounds or it can lift demanding burdens so that we can move forward. Or it can do both of these—the key is discerning to what degree contact with certain individuals helps to release and clear away nagging ‘shoulds.’

With Mercury still in a separating trine (an unblocked flow of energy) to Saturn the taskmaster, the drive to communicate healthful patterns and order supports the drive to clarify our foundations. It’s a good time to contemplate the importance of the floor, the ground, the surface areas on which we walk, run, crawl and sit. Cleaning the energetic residue off of the daily patterns through which we live will help us circulate the vitality and courage needed to move forward.

So it’s a great day to sweep the floor while you’re telling your friend that story. Pick up the litter on the ground as you walk. Ask yourself: what is the ecosystem of beings supporting the floor and ground on which you stand? How can you serve that ecosystem? What is the ecosystem of beings supporting the physical, emotional and personal territories you’re moving into, and how can you serve *that* ecosystem?

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