World Horoscope, August 31st, 2020

August 31st, the planetary forces apply pressure to our individual enthusiasm to move forward and impatiently meet obstacles. With Venus in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn building a T-square to Mars, we’re prone toward longing to relate beautifully to family and to make the awareness of our innermost feelings the compass of how the foundations of our lives are now being renovated. A desire for internal confirmation, reassurance and integrity mapped out as intentional actions looms large.

On a social level, the next several days grow heated as the intensely felt claims of personal desire, emotion and vulnerability meet the perceived limits of consensus reality. This is partly due to Saturn’s role. Saturn’s evolved aspect is foundation, simplicity and order; Saturn’s un-evolved aspect is projected onto society, which means oppressors show up.

In this context, that means the fire of the soul is met with fatigue, dogma, limited thinking and obstructions. The discord of renovating consensus reality inflames personal urgency. When these are entangled in a polis with a low level of awareness and lack of respect for all walks of life, then heavy conflict and violence and policing ensues.

But don’t panic. When intelligence is applied to the situation, we have a shot at tampering with the forces of consensus reality from underneath by discovering the simplicity of foundation itself, and from a place of sharpened clarity, giving pathways for those bursts of urgency to express themselves creatively; moving into the necessary new territories toward which the soul wants to go. When those bursts of urgency aren’t given pathways to express themselves with respect for the forces of both restraint and motion, we face brutality.

How can we create, to the best of each of our abilities, an uncluttered ground in which it’s possible to let emotions move and map out our aspirational journeys forward? When this ground is cluttered with defaults and detritus, there’s unrest and blockage. When we clear the area and see the open canvas as cartographers of intention and feeling, then we may manifest the architectural value of a combination otherwise akin to driving with the emergency brake.

Today is an opportunity to view ourselves as heartfelt cartographers, building our energetic responses, holding the rules of consensus reality at arms length.

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