World Horoscope, August 30th, 2020

As the moon grows toward fullness, a dynamic centered on uttering the right message at the right time emerges.

With the sun (in Virgo) progressing toward a trine to Uranus the liberator (in Taurus), the drive to radiate integrated order supports the drive to revolutionize human material values.

Taurus and Virgo both emphasize patterns and the relationship of those patterns to what we value. This includes all kinds of patterns: time rhythms, spatial patterns, nutritional cycles of sleeping, working & digesting. The values that relate to these patterns also include all kinds of value: self-worth, monetary value, moral values, and that which we find beautiful.

The solar force and the revolutionary impulse supporting each other over the next few days offers greater support to move through the inertia of habit if we meet it with awareness.

With Mercury trining the midpoint of Jupiter and Pluto, and opposing Neptune, today is a day when we may be able to articulate, in plain terms, what is consciously forming in our lives. Not only that, we can also articulate what has decayed, *and* what is freshly forming out of the ashes of what’s decayed.

This means that it’s necessary to cultivate a perspective that emphasizes the part of the story that inspires and liberates us. Since Virgo sees all sides of every narrative, sometimes Virgo season can have us overly critical and in our heads.

What’s key today is articulating, through words and actions, the willingness to learn something new, and to listen to unexpected treasures that come out of the dark instead of stubbornly insisting on one viewpoint. Embrace the joy of disrupting routines you once thought were necessary to see what was born when you weren’t looking. That, too, can be a source of joy.

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