World Horoscope, August 22nd, 2020

The sun has entered Virgo, the sign of the Nurse and the Sacred Ceremonialist. What do those two have in common? Both work with deliberate patterns in order to serve those who are existing in entropy between this world and the other world. We are preparing for a season in which the solar force illuminates integrated order & patterns. In the material world, this takes many ordinary forms, including paperwork, money, nutrition, and organization—“getting practical.”

But it’s also important to remember that we’re in wild-card times: Mercury, the communicator, also now prances through Virgo forming a trine (an unblocked flow of supportive energy) to Uranus, the electrifier and liberator in Taurus, bringing a shower of earth, mud, soil & bricks.

What happens when order and routine meet the radicalization of human values and resources? In one scenario, the rubble of old possessions and tools in the material plane suddenly spill out of the closet. This is really the lower octave of our ability to re-imagine our relationship to physical resources anew. In other words, the falling heap of laundry or the forgotten tape measure are the world begging us to embrace the adventure of reimagining our relationships to it. In another scenario, when we’re aware of this call to imagine and reframe, cross-pollination of perspectives and electrified enthusiasm infuse the way we conceive of being resourceful here on earth. This dynamic builds over the next several days.

Today may find us struggling to stand up for our own *personal* revision of the way we relate to the physical world on our own terms because so many of the planets emphasize how we are serving the Other, or others, in our lives. The Libran moon, which wants to nurture balance and symmetry, opposes the martial pioneering of individual desires in Aries. This same moon forms an angle of manifestation with Venus, who wants to relate beautifully within intimate family bonds. These dynamics combined can sometimes mean an unconscious altruism contest: who is most serviceful and helpful? Vanity and ironic competition result if we’re not careful.

This is a good day for neither digging one’s heels into the ground nor compromising one’s own boundaries for the sake of being helpful. Rather, it’s a good day to mutually encourage each other: “I love you and I’m cheering you on in doing what’s best for you, as only *you* truly know and I’m here to help in any way that I can without judgment.”

Let everyone be who they are—it’s not about who helps the most, but about encouraging our loved ones in their formation of fresh and beautiful connections to their world.

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