World Horoscope, August 14th, 2020

August 14th, the reach toward independence and autonomy still shines its blazing light in the wake of the loose trine (an unblocked flow of supportive energy) between the sun and mars. It’s a scorcher, and we sense an itch for the pioneering individual to communicate its uniqueness.

With the moon in late Gemini, scratching this itch looks like allowing multifaceted ideas and conversations to splay out to the airs of our daily routine.

But with the sun and moon inconjunct to Saturn, the passionate creativity and the brain-splashes within all the different mediums of communication face challenges of speaking another kind of language: the ability to put the why, the how and the sequence of action in simple terms.

It’s more a day for imagining and experimenting than for solidifying anything. Don’t take banter too literally or personally. It’s more possible to empower ourselves today by speaking in non-literal language that emphasizes possibility and horizons rather than dour obligations.

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