World Horoscope, August 13th, 2020

Today, Mars the pioneer and Pluto the transformer challenge each other. Mars, representing the libido and drive to charge through obstacles within us, wants to move forward in the manifestation of individual independence and desire. Pluto, meanwhile, wants to transform the moral and temporal *foundations* of that desire.

So Pluto will pull the reins in on Mars, making it harder to act out those desires immediately and directly, but also making those desires intense, impatient and focused.

What are the foundations of your ambitions and desires? What are the foundations of how you execute them? Are you operating in an “end justifies the means” way right now, or are you letting things ripen in their own time?

Feel this intensity—not trying to control it, but bringing awareness to it so that you do no harm.

Drive, leadership, inspiration, and discipline are all painted in primary colors today, so it’s a good opportunity to feel where you stand in the midst of stark truths which, with a surgeon’s touch, will lead you to stand more firmly in your *own* truth.

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