Some questions to reflect upon on this Full Moon in Aquarius

Are the revolutions in my life & others’ lives allowing me to grow in thought and feeling, and in what way?

Are the sudden changes in my life and in the lives of those close to me providing enough space for emotional nourishment, pampering & adoration?

Am I innovating in an emotionally fulfilling way? Where can I afford to think outside the box, and where can I afford to bring more gentleness to areas of my life that have been dominated by thought?

What hopes and dreams have run their course? What hopes and dreams come to the forefront and spark free-radical excitement within me?

Am I being seen for my ability to boldly embody my values as an individual while also co-existing with the values of others? Am I doing this?

Do I feel that I can let my freak flag fly in different ways and express my quirkiness, or do I feel constrained by a demand for conformity?

How can I become the liberator and the architect?

How can I build a throne, or polish an already-existing throne, that gives me confidence when looking upon my inner world and outer world? What values does this throne symbolize?

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