Questions to ask yourself during Uranus Retrograde

Uranus—the wild card, the liberator, the freedom fighter and electric charge, the Promethean fire stealer—has stationed retrograde. I’m thinking about the millions of people in California who lost power, facing blackouts: “the state’s first rolling blackout since the energy crisis of 2001.” Astrologically, Uranus: electricity, energy and sometimes instability in a mundane sense.

A planetary retrograde is an opportunity to review the areas of life that the planet in question represents symbolically. Open questions that trigger reflection and insight are often a great way to start. Some questions we can ask ourselves during Uranus retrograde:

-where in my life do I feel the urgency of an electric current right now? Does it feel like this electric current is leading me to conscious epiphanies about my life or does it feel like this current is taking me (as I know myself) away with it?

-to what extent do my friends & social groups see me & honor me for my hopes, dreams & quirks?

-am I respecting the idiosyncrasies of others around me? How do others’ quirks—including behaviors that don’t make sense—awaken realizations & breakthroughs within me that couldn’t happen otherwise? How has this happened throughout my life?

-how can I use the digital world to support the momentum and relevance of my creative self-expression?

-in what way does the *society* I live in serve *humanity* (humanity: the ability of individuals to co-exist in their uniqueness and love each other), and in what way does it NOT serve humanity? How can I harness my unique gifts to push *society*, as we know it, more toward *humanity*?

-what boxes have become too small for me? Who and what in my life is helping me bust these boxes open that I’ve outgrown?

-how am I expressing myself in a different way socially than in the past and to what extent does this change reflect my integrity and desires?

-how can I “stick it to the man” more?

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