Questions to ask yourself as Saturn goes direct: October 3rd, 2020

Today, Saturday, (Saturn’s day) arrives a few days after Saturn has gone direct and only a day before Pluto goes direct. Saturn, the taskmaster, the grindstone, melancholy, the expression of structure and foundation, prison & palace both. Here are some self-reflective questions to ask about the process of Saturn in your own life:

-What have I learned about my foundations and support systems since May of this year? How can I express what I’ve learned in a positive, empowering way?

-How have I been called to express security and support for others? Which of these callings felt true to my own boundaries and integrity, and which didn’t? What does that reflect back to me about how my boundaries and integrity are defined?

-What have I learned since May about how I can express security and support for others while still feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually safe myself?

-If I was asked to extend security and support in a way that felt uncomfortable, how did I tell the difference between a request that represented a violation of my integrity/boundaries, and a request that represented a necessary renovation of my comfort zone?

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