Questions to ask during the New Moon in Cancer opposite Saturn:

*what, if anything, do you share with your parents & grandparents that you see as essential to who you are today?

*to what extent are the *social* markers of the deep bonds you share with your parents essential? In other words, which of the norms your parents taught you mark an essential bond with your ancestors?

*What norms your parents taught you show where human consciousness was in their time, but are no longer essential?

*What norms (including ones you may have previously thought defined your bond with your ancestors) are not only inessential but repressive and poisonous?

*is the place where you’re currently residing an accommodating structure for both feeling and creating on a personal and communal level? For feeling held, connected, supported?

*if external space feels cramped, how is more inner space possible? Where is the outer & inner structure asking for more space?

*where does fear of lack obstruct your ability to create & nurture within your most intimate sphere? Is there a way to transform this fear of lack into 1) decluttered openness, 2) gratitude for the resources that endure to keep you alive (especially the invisible ones), and 3) clarity on the first actions to take that will help sustain the foundation of your nurturing space?

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