New Moon in Libra: October 16th, 2020

Today’s new moon triggers an awareness of the tension between one-on-one partnerships and conflicting individual desires. We may feel torn between a review of inner drives to move forward and the agreements that feel necessary to sustain relationship. Questions to ask ourselves include, “is my relationship to beauty, value, harmony and one-on-one partnership creating space for new beginnings in my emotional fulfillment? How do I approach the adventure of one-on-one relating, and what seeds are my intuitive emotional responses encouraging me to plant within my relationships, including how I relate to my own will?”

The moon’s opposition to Mars, and square to Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto, invites us to relate to ourselves as architects of our desires’ gestures. It feels, suddenly, as though the intentions we plant around autonomy, partnership, the freedom within partnership, and the partnership within solitude, carry significant consequence. There are whispers of a scale model or floor plan, and a drive to set our intentions in stone.

The challenge is that it’s difficult to do this with any certainty when the foundation itself is undergoing renovation and demolition. But that’s okay, for the intention of this new moon is not limited to the schemes and designs that the conflicting claims of the soul ask us to map out. Rather, this new moon asks that we recognize that same conflicted soul as itself a masterful architect, bold in its sweet yearning to build a temple of integrity that accommodates the experience of both personal autonomy and close interrelatedness.

With Venus ruling this new moon, beauty and romance color the lenses through which we’re inclined to see the architects of partnership and autonomy. We feel a natural instinct that prompts us to uncover the beauty within our daily routine as it is, but with an opposition from Neptune in Pisces, there’s an equal impulse to challenge what’s become the default order, demanding more magic and enchantment.

Libra loves to pursue balance, and one way to speak to the chief architects of our experience today is reminding them that balance need not always be symmetrical: compositions are balanced due to each element, in its uniqueness, taking its rightful place within the asymmetry, rather than fitting into a narrow role molded by another order’s agenda. What’s more, this Libran new moon is an invitation to talk not only with the close friends, spouses or partners outside of ourselves, but also the plurality of persons who live ‘inside’—the ones who want to move not necessarily forward, but backward, sideways or not at all. Where does your inner child want to go? Your inner elder? Ask the less-often-consulted parts of you what sort of agreements would constitute a liberating experience of harmony, beauty and relatedness for them. The worlds of freedom and relationship that open up may surprise you.

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