Full Moon in Aries: October 1st, 2020

This full moon highlights the Aries-Libra axis; the polarities of “I” and “We” moving toward the center of coexistent autonomous beings relating with the world from a place of integrity.

How do we follow our own passionate autonomy while also deeply relating and reaching out within that freedom? How do we experience relationship in a way that doesn’t keep us stuck in old roles, false diplomacy and stale ways of relating, but rather that allows space to express fresh sides of ourselves through the act of reaching out in relationship? Put in another way, how can relationships show us the fresh ways in which we are now free to move forward? This full moon offers an opportunity to release those antiquated, imprisoning roles that once made us decide to forsake relating because we felt we couldn’t do so on our own terms. How are these appearances of imprisoning relationship roles eroding, making way for fresh manifestations of self through the joy of relating with others?

Forming a square to Pallas Athena in Capricorn, this full moon offers the insight that underlying both the relationship and the individual is the ground on which both stand. Can we take a more aerial view of the wider ground on which personal freedom and relationship stand in our lives?

Let’s get to know that ground’s boundaries as well as its potential, and respect the boundaries and integrity of ourselves and each other.

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