World Shadow Horoscope, June 19th, 2020

June 19th, news and gossip spread through the streets, crescendoing upwards toward the windows on fire, while the bankers and bosses sweat bullets to make sure everyone gets paid—or indulge wicked cackles in the name of some perverse, greedy vengeance. Keeping wits about us, light on our feet, knowing that in order to value ourselves and to love our lovers, sometimes robbing the robbers is necessary, we leap and skip across the pink thresholds of beauty, undercutting the corruption by not buying into its trap of somber coagulation. Conspiracies from within the halls of prescription pills, mind-altering drugs and judicial robes plot against heads of state whose feathers crumple upon the scales of justice. The levities of psychedelic colors, fickle feelings, messengers and gossips save us from the rotten snotball of narcissism.

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