World Shadow Horoscope, June 17th, 2020

June 17th, we retreat into our shells, not knowing the extent of food or the extent of the need for family protection, as Mercury stations retrograde and the thinking is muddled: how to communicate in a nurturing way? How to walk backwards into our shells, turning on the light of intuition about how we nurture, with red lips and earrings and fantasies of purple futures where scarcity isn’t at the forefront?

Supplies, recipes, laughing over tables and nests, or grieving the losses of what once were our tables and nests, initiate the thought process behind appreciation of life and its demands and its gifts. Shifting in the human family over to remembering the grandmother and grandfather wolves, how they went after food, and the beauty of our animality even amidst the shifting of the way values are expressed in this human realm: can these contemplations hold our hands through the struggle for survival? Can nourishment, protection of love and intuition yield the light of new value-patterns?

Growls of hunger, longing and lack hold deeper truths.

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