On the solar eclipse in Cancer, June 21, 2020

This solar eclipse on June 21st is in the same lineage (saros series 137) as the eclipse that occurred just before the Titanic sank.* This is not a doomsday message at all, but one to encourage the following reflection: “where can I be of service? in offering resources to the living or offering resources to the dead?”

Regarding the living, this eclipse could be about finding vessels that are simple and resilient enough to hold humans in transit while their other comfortable vessels are demolished. Regarding the dead, this eclipse could be about finding ways to account for those who have passed on, which specifically means finding the spaces and environments to respectfully contain them so that their souls transition in the right way and our land responds more harmoniously to the way we bury the dead. If you can offer more to the living in the way of resources to hold them, do this. If you can be a grounded presence to humanity while imagining containers to respectfully hold the dead and make sure they’re remembered, do this. In either case, great imagination and great courage are needed.

In either case, saying yes to more and more support systems instead of pride, and trusting in the primal bonds with each other rather than those in presumed leadership (who will be arrogant and indecisive) will carry us through.

*These are Pluto lessons. The hallmark of this eclipse lineage, starting back in 1389, was Pluto conjunct the lunar north node. The sinking of RMS Titanic was the Pluto Return of the Great Plague of 1665 AND the Great Fire of London. These are Pluto lessons. How do we account for the unnamed dead, for the extremities of nature, for the passions of fire and ice?

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